Thursday, August 13, 2009


Since, I am a stay home mom, I make it a habit after giving thanks to God for a new day, in my coffee table, i will watch the news every morning with my coffee.That is also one way to influence my child of being aware of what is happening in the surrounding by watching daily news. It work because my son really does learn to watch news even he is just 8 years old. Anyway, Many times I heard the news about people who are laid off from work, and it really break my heart to see them sad, some they are losing their homes, some have lost their homes already, and still , they have a hard time looking for a job. In my silence, even I am at home, I lift them up in prayer that one day they will find a job.

What I do in my home is I keep creating something, to avoid boredom, and burn out while I am at home with my kids.I learn to be more creative in my own way, like last year i made a handmade crochet hat and scarf for winter and I gave it as my gift to my friends...then one day, i asked myself why do i need to register my product or make a trademark to sell it? it will just make me spend more money.Yet, I still keep on creating something out of my hands....until one day I watched the Good morning America news about "" where you can post and sell your own handcrafted stuff, provided that you make it yourself.There must be originality from you.I was happy when I learned that from the news.I was hoping that it would help a lot of people to give themselves a chance to sell their handmade product like what I am doing right now.I am happy that it gives me an opportunity, to sell my own handmade stuffs like the one in the picture.I crochet it myself.I am still making stuffs out of my own creativity and hopefully to sell more items at Anybody out there,who are creative,resourceful, who can create something out of garbage things,you might turn it into a treasure and sell it.It might help you this recession time.Remember, little means a lot to help your basic needs especially, this hard times where every penny you get you need to save. most of all there's nothing wrong in trying.Try to explore at and sell what your hands have created.Credit crunch this year is still going I am hoping this will help to some of you my friends out there. Go to!

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