Saturday, February 19, 2011


Friendship is beautiful word to hear, that everyone loves to bare
it make you smile, it makes you cry
it makes you fly high in the sky
friendship is a good thing to nurture, cause even if you will be apart for sure
you will be friends still even in the future
some friends are there for each other ever since they're little girl or little boy
until they have grown,
some friends, they just met and became friends, then after a while it disappear
to some, friendship is too short the time, it just a moment in time
you do  things together with fun, just having fun,fun,fun!
everyday,you play around, no matter how hot is the sun , or even playing in the rain,
all you think is friendship, a friend is their to keep you warm,
to make you feel comfortable, it make you laugh
then one day...sometimes, friendship just if its gone
just gone...a friend is waiting for you to come...but the time itself is just gone... sometimes it done,
or friendship just stop...
along with your new life, new friends, you hear your friends name,
or even have a glimpse of her face, but, the time for friendship is just gone.
In God, friendship is forever...we may thought its done...or friendship is gone
but in God's own time, real friends will just the right place at the right time
because God knows that friendship is beautiful
So,take care of your friendship, stay respecful, and be polite at all times,
be kind,be good,nurture it,let it flourish like flowers, and let its scent spread aroound with good words,
have fun,enjoy, cause even when both your time is done,
you may never know in God's own time...another friendship has to come
for in God's plan - that's what you will become...