Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blogging Etiquette

Blogging Etiquette

Friday, August 20, 2010

Best Websites To Sell Online


Use the Internet For Online Business

Use the Internet For Online Business

Steps To Sell On eBay

Steps To Sell On eBay

Steps To Sell On eBay

Steps To Sell On eBay

Basics of Blogging

Basics of Blogging

Basics of Blogging


Two days this week, while watching my daughter from teeth recovery, I made used of my time to declutter my house. Thank God! majority of the house is clean, well arrange,well decorated.Praise God for the wisdom, on how to finish it fast like before friday comes.When I was done with all those plan, I appreciate the value of planning how to make the house in order. I just figured out that my youngest one is in the  right age to be trained to help clean up the mess that are appropriate to her age.I thank God so much for the focus, and determination, in order for me to accomplish it while using my time as I watched my child recovering.To declutter a house is not an easy task, it needs focus, and a right plan. I came up to a decision where I need to do it now.

Eventually, right before friday, everything is done.Thursday, night was my plan to do the grocery and  cook food, and marinate pork meat for " adobo " for Saturday plan to bring the kids at Six Flags - http://www.sixflags.com/   I was happy  cooking the Tilapia fish to steam it, and it taste good! no fats and calories included, pure steamed meat! I also cooked  sinigang soup for my kids and wow! my kids love it!!! Yesterday, was a day to prepare all my food for tonight and tomorrow.At least tomorrow morning I will slow cook my marinated pork meat to be brought with us for lunch at Six Flags.

Tonight is Friday!!! I came home very relax, and when I went inside the house... I felt so cozy in my own home. What a cozy friday! It feels great when I get home that the house is decluttered, and food is ready to eat, my comfort area where I do my online business is well arranged and decorated.It's so serene and peaceful...a great place to relax after a week of work. My kids are relaxing too because their place is also decluttred.I'm blest that it's not just me that enjoys the cozy friday but as well as my kids.What a cozy friday I have today. To have a cozy friday at home is to plan ahead, and finish the task before friday and you will end up having a cozy friday.


One of the experts said that one way to move on to your daily work at home with peace and serenity in your mind, is first to declutter your home.Well, in my own opinion it's true. This week my daughter just had her teeth fixed.I wasn't able to go to work then to watch her.Every time, she was sleeping and resting, I took time to declutter my home.Fall classes is coming fast by September.It's just a perfect time to clean the mess and start arranging the things in order especially that two of my children will be going to School.I started at the receiving room,took all the things that will not be used anymore such as mails, old magazines.sweeping the floor,took out the cubwebs away! then, I refill the candles with new ones, and put a  fresh flower in my zen.Instead of buying a new carpet, I use or recycled my old quilted comforter and use it as a carpet.We agreed in the family to take off our shoes before going inside the house.

Second,was my family room.My family room was open and there's loft in it, for the toys to play with the children I had before in my childcare.Now, I turned my loft into a small bedroom tent as my kids call it.I empty the loft, disinfect the floor, and clean up the glass wall.Then I put a bedfoam on the floor to make it their bed.On top of the loft I put a canope with paper lamp at the center on top.The canope is made of crochet blanket. I just recycled it and make use of it.I threw all the things that the loft never used anymore.

Third was my Online store office. I just arranged everything and it's all done right as well.The room across our suite room was no use at this time, so I decided turn it into my comfort area, where I put one coctail small table and one coctail chair with my Laptop. One big couch leaning on the french window, where I covered it with my recycled crochet blanket. I cleaned up the floor, and put my collection of recycled quilted blanket and the floor look pretty.Of course I threw all unnecessary things away!

Now, three areas in my house are well decorated and well arranged and decluttered! Our suite room will be my last project, its putting away old clothes and send it to the Philippines for this coming christmas as part of my family christmas giving project. My kitchen is decluttered too, and placing the sugar, creamer, coffee, into the right container.A little bit of enhancing by placing a curatin at one of the wall shelving adds beauty in the kitchen.

Tonight, I'm ready to move on with my blog hopping, and writing, as well as selling on my ebay!yey!!! decluttering the house is one of the best first thing to make sense in doing other jobs.It gave me a peace of mind, order in what i need to be doing next and so on,It gives me quiet rest when I get home, and it gives the children a homey environment.As what the motto keeps saying : " Cleanliness is next to Godliness".Being in tune with God's voice is easier for me to hear when the house is decluttered.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Early this morning about 4 am. my daughter Hannah woke up and cried.She was scared of the dark.After putting her back to sleep...I could hardly fell asleep. It was quiet and I heard God's voice in the silence.It was even better to hear His voice in the quietness of the early morning. He woke me up. I thank Him for the another day.Early morning God is there already waiting for me to get up!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Develop your Blog Content by Joining a Contest

I was blog reading in my cousin's  blog.While reading her posts, I read this SEO contest at Evoire.com  from August - October 2010.I decided to join this week. I was able to write 5 articles so far. My goal is to promote my blog, make friends with other bloggers, and I found out that it's easy to communicate in the environment.My other goal is to develop my writing content, and learn to deal with pressure, and challenges from other bloggers.My own blog is my long term plan, I am working on this  one step at time because I have 3 kids, and I have other small online business, at the same time I teach.

This time, I have seen that my blog is ready to venture another level of experience. My brain is popping out to share what I learn and experience in my life's journey. So, here I am  joining the SEO contest which I never planned  to do. I  never expect  also that 2 of my articles are among the top 10 popular posts at  http://www.Evoire.com/  My 2 popular articles are : 1. Steps to Sell on eBay   2. Use the Internet for Online Business. I also have an article about the Best Websites to sell Online.I will be writing more...

Please read my articles at  http://www.evoire.com/  and let me know your opinion.They have their own qualifications to win,but the most important thing that I am doing which I enjoy in this contest is the process of looking the write content, and the fun of meeting new bloggers,the chance to read and research your niche,  the bloggers opinion and encouragement, So, the Social media networking is one way to promote your blog and yourself.It's not just about winning.I am not promoting the Evoire  website,this is based on my expeience this week, because it's been couple of days since I wrote my articles that 2 of them are still on the popular posts knowing that there are already more than 125 articles published. I found the contest fun, and interesting!

Effective Acne & Blackhead Treatment

There  is a certain week every month that my acne will come out in my forehead. It never looks good. One day, I was at Walgreens Pharmacy, I was looking at some affordable Acne and Blackheads treament. I never knew that there is two in one treatment available for acne and blackhead. So I decided to buy  it for less that $10 box. After weeks of  using it, I notice that there was some good effect in my acne and my blackeheads especially in the nose area. My blackheads started to deminished. It prevents more acne from coming out.I just try to use it until now more often because if I  stop, it's hard to start all over and wait for couple of weeks to see the good effect.This treatment is preventive treatment  from having more acne and blackheads.Therefore, if you are looking for some affordable acne and blackhead  treatment try the AcneFree clear skin treatment. Terminator 10 and it's content is Time-Released 10% Benzoyl Peroxide-it's a powerful acne fighting formula contains maximum strength. Medicated Spot acne treatment. Net WT. 1 oz.(28g) I share this one because I know that there are many men and women are suffering from acne and blackhead. I am not saying that this is best for everybody.always know your alergy history.It's still best to ask your Dermatologist. I also share this treament because you can buy this without Doctor's prescription or you may visit at http://www.acnefree.com/ .I am not promoting this product.This is just part of my blog which my goal is to share some of my knowledge to make other people happy as they read here at my Coffee Table.

Praise God for my Blog

I thank God for my blog.Exactly one year,I have seen great progress.This is my long term plan and now, I am improving.I join a writing contest at Evoire.com and two of my articles are on the top 10 popular post and the titles are : Steps on selling eBay and Use your Internet for Online Business, which is a good exposure.This blog is beyond God's grace.Thanking Him is my great delight!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The shower smiles in a politician.

Disclosure Policy

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content. The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Many parents even teachers have a hard time finding ways to let their child know the alphabet.For me as a mom, as a teacher, I am always concern of the child's balance life.My son was late in his reading development.He loved numbers during his formative years.This strategy that I have been using to my two children is quite effective.This exclude my third one because she is not ready yet,I never force the child.Reading is developmental.Time will come they really need to be ready especially when it's time for them to go to School. My mom always tell me that the best way to let the child learn about something is through repetition method.

Since then,I am doing that method to my children.First,you say the letter and let the child say it after you.After you said the letter you also need to say the sound of the letter, and let your child say the sound too after you.Never forget to say the sound of the letter because it's the sound of the letter that you will use in the reading process not the letter recognition.One time, I remember my daughter,she forgot the letter,but she remembered the sound of the letter, which is more important.

Then you need to apply the repetition method.Do the same thing: say the letter and let the child repeat after you, and say the sound of the letter and let the child repeat after you, " everyday".In a month or so, your child will be able to recognize all alphabet.

Remember, repetition is the key.As simple as that!


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

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RECOVERY (Audio CD - jUN 21,2010)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon TattooThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

My Neocounter Widget




I really miss home my beloved country Philippines!!! I am proud to be a Filipino!!! I love our own product as well. That arrangement i made are big shells, a native bag from my beloved friend Susan from the Philippines.That bag, it's been with me for two years now.I put " sungka " at the front as we call it our own country. One flower vase which i filled with medium sized shells and i tied a shell neclace around  the vase.The antique clock is also the one that adds the beauty on the table.There's one peach color candle on the left which i used a recycled yellow bowl, and recycled green saucer at the bottom.The table is antique too. All those decorations are recycled.Nothing is new. I spent quite enough time to look for many, many, shells for my home.My candles, my own sungka, vase,shells are from the thrift stores.My antique clock is from the garage sale close to my house.I love doing this and it gives me some relief from tired soul...there's no excuse not to decorate a home with  less expensive things.Nothing is even brand new!!!
These decoration is placed on top of the Piano whom my beloved mother-in-law gave to my children. I bought these glasses from the thrift store close to my house, as well the collections of shells.You can see my other zen if you can see the reflection of the mirror.Of course i took time to arranged the shells in each of
the glass.Least expensive, everything is recycled, I try to decorate my home without any excuse of the need to buy new things just for me to be able to decorate, or to give myself an excuse not to decorate because
everything needs to be new.That is not true in my own opinion.
This is my last arrangement for the day.If you see this picture, you are looking at  vintage items.This a small table where i get my sugar, creamer, and coffee.
As a stay home mother, these are the few things that i love doing that makes me feel better...it's kind of therapy for me, as what my friend Susan told me.Both of us would love to go to flea markets and thrift stores as well as garage sales hunting for inexpensive things that can enhance the look of a home.Until now, some things i cannot let go of doing, that is decorating and arranging my home...which that made my own children a home body for now , and telling me mom, i love this home, this is home and that is a huge compliment for me to hear it...they love to see my home in different ways of " simple style " yet cozy to stay in.


It's summer and I want my home to have a summery feeling. I love flowers but flowers are expensive it's $9.95 or more excluding sales tax. I went to safeway grocery, and i tried to go around the flowers corner.There I found this one soft pink summery feeling carnation flower for $ 3.75 which i like because it's a lot! I can spread it out since that is my plan.Here's one of the pictures i took.I took 4pcs. of my wine glasses and put one carnation flower in each of them and place it in my own zen.
This is my zen.It's a white antique table with an inverted antique mirror behind it.On top of the table i put a rectangular candle in front of it, flower next to the candle, and a glass of shells on both sides, and another tall glass with candle inside, and small stones at the bottom.
This is another set of flowers. I used a simple recycled glass and my handmade yellow crochet at the bottom of the center flower  vase.I just cut the carnation flowers shorter to fit in the size of the glass, and i placed it at
the center of my dining table.It's simple, yet it makes a big difference.

One detailed picture that i took.

This is how it looks in my dining table.Now i celebrate my summer with a warmer ambiance, with a summery carnation flower which i was able to decorate my tables with a $3.75 worth flower.And this kind of flower it will last up to two weeks, and never smells bad when it starts to die.It's cheap but practical, rather than no flowers at all!!!