Thursday, August 5, 2010


It's summer and I want my home to have a summery feeling. I love flowers but flowers are expensive it's $9.95 or more excluding sales tax. I went to safeway grocery, and i tried to go around the flowers corner.There I found this one soft pink summery feeling carnation flower for $ 3.75 which i like because it's a lot! I can spread it out since that is my plan.Here's one of the pictures i took.I took 4pcs. of my wine glasses and put one carnation flower in each of them and place it in my own zen.
This is my zen.It's a white antique table with an inverted antique mirror behind it.On top of the table i put a rectangular candle in front of it, flower next to the candle, and a glass of shells on both sides, and another tall glass with candle inside, and small stones at the bottom.
This is another set of flowers. I used a simple recycled glass and my handmade yellow crochet at the bottom of the center flower  vase.I just cut the carnation flowers shorter to fit in the size of the glass, and i placed it at
the center of my dining table.It's simple, yet it makes a big difference.

One detailed picture that i took.

This is how it looks in my dining table.Now i celebrate my summer with a warmer ambiance, with a summery carnation flower which i was able to decorate my tables with a $3.75 worth flower.And this kind of flower it will last up to two weeks, and never smells bad when it starts to die.It's cheap but practical, rather than no flowers at all!!!

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