Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Inmost Desire...

Over the course of time in my life,I couldn't see God have mistaken in my life,
He just created me perfectly,beautifully, in my mother's womb,was born  seven months premarure-yes,premature with a great purpose in life!!!

Until this time...I could hardly see God made even one mistake in my life, absolutely me, i did but, as I walked along life's journey,I have learned to accept that I make mistake because that is part of being human,that's why I need God's grace in my daily life.God can never be wrong!!!

Despite of the bumps, huggles,struggles,in life I see God's beauty in it,I see Him saving me everytime.
I never forget where I came from, and How God brought me to this place...it's all because of God's plan and purpose in life.Yes, life may have dark side of it...but that's the reason why we need God.

When God brought light into my life, my life has completely changed,with all His unmeritted grace,
My life became peaceful, and most of all joyful.There was this peace inside of me after the thorn of flesh went off from my skin...peace that passeth understanding just took over...until now...I have been enjoying that peace,joy,grace,unconditional love, and faithfulness...that only my God can give...

My inmost desire...is to go...where God wants me to...I will not go where God is not there..........