Monday, January 10, 2011

Frost Morning

This morning, I was walking in my son's School,it was below freezing.Rooftops has frost, as well as car windows, grass, and foggy too. Good that after an hour the sun started to shine.I have never thought I could take a 30 minute walk in below freezing temperature.

I was just thanking God for everything that He has done in my life.I just walk to Thank God. I loved watching the sunlight as it melted all those white frosted glimmering ice.It was cold, but God made me feel warm.

It was a worth it walk today. I don't need to lose weight this time, I just walk to start my day right before doing my review...and it's good to thank God for its beautiful nature like the foggy hills, frosted rooftops, shadows of the sun...really beautiful!

Thank you God for today.

Fun Games for Learning Math

If you have no right foundation in Math especially the basic concept, it's hard to understand math at all.What I do, every time I teach my son in his Math subject, I try to get the concept, and understand it in order for me to find a way to explain it to my son with Method in it and proper strategy so that he will understand ,somehow, not in a hard way.

This time, we have many ways to let the child learn Math with fun! kids love to learn with fun.So here's a book that will impart and teach you how to incorporate a fun learning Math strategy to a child learning.Click Here!

Need Fast Way to Study?

There are many ways to ease the time of studying, at the same studying with speed.Now that I am reviewing for CSET may this can help me. If you' re interested you may click here.
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Philips Norelco 7310XL Men's Shaving System

 If there's one thing that I always see in my hubby's face is that if he was able to shave. I just like it when he's able to shave even one's a week.One day, I will love to give this " Philips Norelco " Men's Shaving sytem.It's easy to use.It won't hurt the skin while shaving. Try it.


all day, today I just read.My eyes are so tired already.Though It's worth it.But I like to sleep now.I think I need to listen some songs nice one like Susan Boyles' song: THE GIFT.This is number 1 song.Well, try it to listen to it.So far, this CD is the best this year.

Maybe,watch movie? Sherlock Holmes, was so internaining.Full of humor.Maybe just read this book.


It's been days, I have been reviewing my CSET exam for this coming March of 2011.History is quite hard for me this time.It's been a decade i haven't been doing reading about this.All of a sudden, I decided to take it.College Degree here in the States is so much expensive, that's why I decided to be taking it.

Well, I hope i can make it. Words are interesting to read to though.I feel like a student again.A challenging one but, a relief when I pass the test.I am faithfully praying to really get it.I need to do my part too.

God is good. God is faithful as well.I know He will be there for me.God bless me on my review.