Friday, August 8, 2014

Continuing Education

Last year of November 2013, I decided to take Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. I thought of making use of time, while the kids are young, maximizing my time to learn more. Getting an M.A. here in the States, is hard because of the fact that I have a family and doing all responsibilities at home is the primary priority.

However, opportunity comes. I realized one day that maybe taking a step, one at a time would be possible. So, I tried. I consulted a University and inquire about online class and all the school requirements for admission. Eventually, I become a student for the second time aside from getting my B.A. 16 years ago.

Making adjustments of priorities, sacrificing some things that I love to do, setting aside things that may not be relevant at the moment makes the online class less stressful and easy. In fact, going back to school have taught me to mainly do things that are important so I can maximize my time doing on what is relevant, priority, in my daily life.

I choose to invest in education, in furthering my knowledge about teaching as well as it gives me a better personal development. Studying myself made me influence my own kids to study too. They learn to collaborate in our household chores, it teaches them to take of their mom and dad too, aside from us taking good care of them.One of my daughters made coffee for me.When I study my two girls are beside me, no matter what they, or read, but they are with me. They learn to be thoughtful. They ask me if I do great in my class. My son, always check if I pass in finals or not.When they ask about my performance, it gives me an opportunity to tell them how important, education is to anyone.

Last, I make sure, that when final test is done...I do make a time with them...a special treat, special moment...we celebrate every subject that I pass. I believe now, my kids have learned, that learning, is important. A great investment to oneself though it requires a sacrifice. But when you are done ...nobody in the world can take away what you have achieved. It's the only investment that will not be bought by any amount of money. Education will bring you a great future!