Wednesday, August 26, 2009


While the sun is still rising, in my havens window...i just want to savour its beauty, the breeze of the wind, the fall smell which starts to come out from every tree.I sit in my country style bed and just look outside my window,appreciating God today in my life with my family.The peace, and the contentment that i feel at the moment.I thank my God for it.I don't want to miss a day of not thanking God...because who i am right now with my family is all because of His amazing grace...

As i look outside, my havens place...I'm blest of God's beauty, as the leaves wave itself as the wind blows, it just show that my God is alive.The night is almost coming and the leaves, the flowers, the grass, are praising Him for what they got for the day.So do I...I don't want the night to come by not saying my praise to God, for what i have for today.I believe, today has enough for itself to offer me...the rest will be just feel so good deep within me to appreciate God in my life today.He is enough to give me strength knowing that His strength is perfect when my strength is gone...he will carry me, when i can't carry rest in His presence is the best way to let baggages rest into God's own hands...

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I always feel good for the rest of the day, when I could have a mug of start my day, especially that the cat is away! and today, is my first day to excercise!!! yes, doing it before going to the rest of the activities today. In two weeks time excercise progress will be in great SHAPE!!! " Just catching up before Fall season starts...while the glorious sun is still there to offer me a great sweat."
This is our first schedule for today August 24, 2009.I brought them with me at USpostal warehouse to experience how to drop shipments from my ebay customers(This is my part-time job). Each of them is compensated every time I asked help like lifting the medium sizes of boxes, to let them know, their help is valued and appreciated, even if the load is not that heavy but helping me is also a great reward from them.They put their money in their piggy bank after...or treating them at Mcdonald.

All of us with the kids in my Daycare,we went to USpostal office to drop the boxes from ebay.

Then i brought them to the park to have fun, because next week fall classes will start.When she landed, she said, i'm ready for my Ballet lesson love to call their mom isn't it?

My angel Daniel is trying hard to hanged on to the bar! she said, I want to stay to play mama.

Dindo said hi! he has a teary eyes today, he said, i love my papa.

Hannah said, hello papa! and...i took a shot!

The excellent helpers in my Daycare.They are compensated. I value their hard work as a team! Right now, we work together at home...these are my three lovely children!

I took a full view shot, to make sure the front yard is well cleaned up for next weeks class. And when the cat will come back the house is clean!!!

We cleaned up the front yard, it's clean now.we moved all the tykes at the backyard.

Those who need a home-setting Pre- School, my ad is ready to let you know, I have opening.Anyway, for credential question for the safety of your kids, I am a Certified California Licensed of 14 Capacity Childcare Provider for almost five years now. My CPR is current, as well as my Health and Safety Training.

I put back the Bright Rock Home Pre-School Decals on the truck.Ready to pick -up kids!

My last list for the day is to clean up the mess inside the truck.Next week, School starts. To God be the glory!!!Thank You Lord!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Lord, after having a busy day, I don't want to sleep without thanking You for sustaining me with your grace...I may still have things that I have not finish today, but today has enough things that You have laid for me, and the rest will be enough for tomorrow. I thank you for the wisdom that you gave me, to give something for my buyers in ebay today. I pray that as they read the thank you letter, i pray that You will touch their hearts when they read the words " Jesus love's you! and God bless you ."I believe, it will make a difference now that people need one another to reach us out that someone is up there who is willing to give our lives right now a hope. I hope that they will follow me here on my daily blog.

Thank you,Lord for my family.We, are all healthy,happy, and favored by You. I pray that you will continue to find a way for those people who needs a job to find one, and for those people who finds a shelter, that they will find one as well.Bless the children that needs a home.Thank you, I give You all the glory and honor and thanksgiving...

I just really want to say thank You!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Even I'm tired, I take care of myself...that defines me...
My family, that defines me...

Like father like son, that defines me...

Their angelic smiles...that defines me...

Their playful nature...that defines me...

Their natural smile and innocent faces....that defines me...

That handsome look of my son even it's a stolen shot, that defines me...

That talented pose...that defines me....

These are all the faces that defines my whole being!!!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Since, I am a stay home mom, I make it a habit after giving thanks to God for a new day, in my coffee table, i will watch the news every morning with my coffee.That is also one way to influence my child of being aware of what is happening in the surrounding by watching daily news. It work because my son really does learn to watch news even he is just 8 years old. Anyway, Many times I heard the news about people who are laid off from work, and it really break my heart to see them sad, some they are losing their homes, some have lost their homes already, and still , they have a hard time looking for a job. In my silence, even I am at home, I lift them up in prayer that one day they will find a job.

What I do in my home is I keep creating something, to avoid boredom, and burn out while I am at home with my kids.I learn to be more creative in my own way, like last year i made a handmade crochet hat and scarf for winter and I gave it as my gift to my friends...then one day, i asked myself why do i need to register my product or make a trademark to sell it? it will just make me spend more money.Yet, I still keep on creating something out of my hands....until one day I watched the Good morning America news about "" where you can post and sell your own handcrafted stuff, provided that you make it yourself.There must be originality from you.I was happy when I learned that from the news.I was hoping that it would help a lot of people to give themselves a chance to sell their handmade product like what I am doing right now.I am happy that it gives me an opportunity, to sell my own handmade stuffs like the one in the picture.I crochet it myself.I am still making stuffs out of my own creativity and hopefully to sell more items at Anybody out there,who are creative,resourceful, who can create something out of garbage things,you might turn it into a treasure and sell it.It might help you this recession time.Remember, little means a lot to help your basic needs especially, this hard times where every penny you get you need to save. most of all there's nothing wrong in trying.Try to explore at and sell what your hands have created.Credit crunch this year is still going I am hoping this will help to some of you my friends out there. Go to!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Few years ago, I happened to learn how to pick the right " slightly used handbags" for my work,or casual outgoing.Buying a brand new genuine leather handbags like Michael Kors, Coach, Betsy Johnson,and more...are quite impractical for me to buy it knowing that I have three kids growing up. When I found my first job I passed by this " Thrift Store ",and when i went home from work, I stopped by then tried to looked at their slightly used item which they sell. Then I found slightly used handbags such as Michael Kors, Coach, Chloe, even Gucci vintage handbags.I bought one Coach Handbag and it was my first treasured slightly used handbag.

Now,went the love of collecting handbags..............

As Years went by,I have collected quite a lot of branded handbags,branded shoes,and branded clothes,because the price was very affordable for me,I saved a lot of money in my clothing, shoes, even my own kids clothing.In fact, I was able to share my blessings to my friends.Suddenly,the economy here in the States went down, though I believe that God will provide all our needs,yet I have seen and I have experienced the downfall of the economy here in California especially the budget. Last 2008, up to the present the credit crunch is really hurting to each individual. For me, our mortgage is the biggest burden at the moment.

Months ago,I have watched in the TV on how you could get extra income from by selling the stuffs in your home which you do not need anymore.Though I have a software of that one for so long,I just did not try to download it.Right now,that I want to try to save our home from foreclosure,the eBay idea went back into my mind again.I had a second thought if I could make it or not.My own personal collections of handbags were on my mind.I said,wow! I will be giving up these handbag collections? I just bought these in a very cheap price,then I would be selling it? after that,my mortgage was on my mind.Finally,I have decided to try to sell it.

How I did it? since I have a laptop I made use of it in doing business. Here's how I made it into the eBay the largest e-commerce online business 1.) I opened an eBay account. 2.)I opened a Paypal ccount where the buyer pays the item which they won or bought. 3.) I have my camera( with an excellent zoom). 4.)I have a printer where I will print the receipt and mailing address. 5.) I took pictures of all my slightly used branded handbags which I bought from the Thrift Store. 6.) I download the pictures into your computer.7.)Then I open my account in eBay and click: sell an item.There I uploaded the pictures of the item which I wanted to sell and described it.....Remember: Don't forget your policies, and don't forget to ship your items and respond to your buyers promptly,in that way you will receive a positive feedback which will lead you to get a star reward. 7.)That's it,after posting it,you will just wait until the last day of bidding,waiting who will win.

Furthermore,when I posted my handbag items in eBay I chose only 5 day of bidding.After 5 days I have sold all my handbags with the amount of $ 600.00 not bad because I just bought all those in a very cheap price.In just 5 days I was able to get an extra income.Then I roll that money to buy more Slightly used hadbags to sell in eBay.I remember,while I was posting, I watched this movie about " The confession of a Shopaholic." She maybe struggling to stop buying expensive stuff, yet at the end of the movie she was able to " Auction Sale" all her expensive stuff and that includes her favorite "Green Scarf " she sold it.She left nothing out of her hand,she chose to gave up everything .At the end her boyfriend asked her you sold everything you got,and left nothing for yourself,and he said " no" not the Green Scarf " because that's what made the girl famous and made herself known for who she really is on the inside.Her boyfriend bid the Green Scarf without her knowing it.

Lastly,it was just a funny movie,yet I was touched when at the end she was able to gave up everything for her to be debt free, and even left nothing for herself.I picture myself somehow,I may not be as expensive,as extravagant as that character in the movie,yet selling all my branded stuff just to help meet the family need is quite satisfying.That's where I got the name of my eBay store " Green Scarf Boutique ." Now,I have a principle of " BUYING STUFF TO SELL"instead of buying things for yourself,for your kids,even if it's not needed,then why not buy things and sell it which I won't lose anything, I will have double in return instead.

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