Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, far if the School will not call me to sub, then, I know my income will stop. It would still be better to earn extra income, to help my hubby's income stream for the family.So, several days I was busy posting items on eBay.In less than a month I have posted 80 items.I am hoping to post more, but i still need to balance my other activities.Well, eBay is doing good for me and I will continue doing it.

I have found a new niche to sell, and it's selling well. Buy cheap, earn big. I put everything to fixed price, most likely, i get the right amount after the item get sold.One of the best items this month that got sold was my VINTAGE OLIVETTI LETTERA TYPEWRITER made in Spain.I bought this item for a few box, then got sold for $80.00 and the buyer is from Australia.

Indeed, it's worth it,I mean the labor and a little bit of patience will help progress life each day.Still, I would say, it's also best to trust so well in God's provision,eBay is just one.

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