Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air! I remember when I was 16, Love, love, love, was there
I got cards and roses, some were known, some were anonymous,
maybe the guy was afraid to show that love in the air
Valentine's day is always a love day, yet, when i was 16,I wasn't available for love!
it's all love for friends, family, but for intimate relationship
there might be, but i chose to have none
Have I hurt anyone?
In perfect season one man had a guts and boldness to put me at the pedestal
at that time,love,love love was in the air!
I was very young,vibrant, full of vigor and vim, fresh graduate when I met my man
yet I was mature to love him,and commit my love to him
love,love,love was in the air
He married  me eventually, for a short period of courtship
now we have a lifetime partnership
Today, it's valentines day,love love love is in the air!
It takes two to tango, as we express our love too.
now this vanlentines day we're dancin' our love in tango, how about you?
Let love fly in the air today with the woman or man you  love and let lose your feelings
and let it dance, and both you should dance with that love that is intended to be truely enjoyed
this valentines day!give her roses,cards,kisses,chocolates,letter, or shoes, and drink wine,eat straberries, and don't be afraid to let that love smoothly bring you in the air
and dance together!
and be happy