Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Now that I i closed my Home Childcare I've got to start somewhere, in order for me to finish up something.If i will not decide to start somewhere i have nothing to work on to. I teach right now in Preschool. But entrepreneurship is what i like doing in my spare time.I easily get bored, if i think about something to create, my mind works so quick and fast.

Today, i decided to re-decorate and re-arrange my home one corner at a time.Yesterday, i was done in my receiving room.Today, I made a small working studio for my ebay and etsy small business to do. My ebay business is my buy and sell products.My etsy which i just started it, is i make crafts out of my hobbies, as what i have said, i easily get bored. What i do is eaither, i crochet the basic crochet, i make cards, neclaces, out of my own idea. I love creating something out of my own imagination.This is where i need to start somewhere.When i'm done decorating my working studio then i will post it here in my blog.

I start writing whatever, changes that have been made in my life, from my change of job, to my finances, our home which we have another modification offer, my spiritual life, my kids, my family, with my hubby. In a year or so, i am hoping this writing, will be done in one book. Through this book I will see and figure out one year from now, where and how i started somewhere, and i will know and trace how it will end with a good ending of the thing that i start doing right now.This one book will be one accomplishment in my life story in a lifetime.

It's really good, to start somewhere, no matter how hard to figure out, this drive me crazy, but i focus on telling myself...I need to start somewhere.The best thing that happen is that by God's grace, I am able to start in one corner of my home.