Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CSET Exam.

Soon, i will be taking a CSET multiple subject examination.At this time, this leaves me with no choice than taking it.I start reviewing my more a decade of knowledge, but I am hopeful that i can make it thru.

This is the right time.Everything is timing.Well i am hopeful to make it.I will pursue my writing class after this exam, in a dream of having my own book.

God bless me on that day!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today is the day that the Lord has made I will be glad and rejoice in it.God id the God of Miracles and He is the God who performs great and mighty thing in life, things that people have not seen or experience.He alone can do that, nobody else because He just want the glory alone.He deserves all the glory though.

Rainy morning is hard to see a glorious sky or day,yet the one who made the rainy,cloudy and cold day is a a glrorious God.I praise Hime today, for He deserves it.I know that in even its raining, He will fill my heart with warmth.

Rainy morning is hard to get up...good there's coffee on my table.Coffee that belnds my day with God's sustaining grace, to make mmake my day complete.I will bless the Lord today...even it's a rainy day!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This tough time, hard work is more needed, though a person may not like the situation.Sometimes the situation would lead us to work more, because if not, we will be far left behind.God is the only source of hope to sustain us with grace and endurance.It's hard, the sweat of it, at the end, will turn into sweet life.God alone can save our bodies from deep usage of work throughout the day, some throughout the night.No more strength is left, yet the situation demands yourself to work.You think about your family and kids, your time with them should still be a quality one...but all areas in life have demands, your spiritual life, your outside job,  home mortgage, your environment needs it.God  is still there in tough time and hard work....He is the creamer in my coffee to make it taste sweet despite its bitter taste. To God be the glory!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Good Morning Lord

Thank you Lord for today.May you guide us, lead us, nd may you give us wisdom in everything we do today.I acknowledge that i cannot do anything without you.

You are God, a powerful God, You are good, miraculous God, forgiving,full of grace and mercy,omnipotent,omnicient.

Just want to uplift my day,my family,my life with you God, my your Jesus name....amen!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Apple iMac 20'' LCD, 2.66GHz, 2GB RAM, 320GB HD

BUY an Apple iMac 20" LCD,2.66GHz,2GB RAM,320GB HD . It'savailable in my eBay store.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Apple iPad MC497LL/A Tablet

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Apple ipod touch 32 GB

The Confession : A Novel

Decision Points : George W. Bush

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Susan Boyles' New CD "THE GIFT"

$ 136.00 First Week Sale my Kids Items

Yesterday was last day of bidding of my kids first week items on bid style.My kids got $ 136.00 sale!!! well, those were from items which have quite high resale value on eBay.They were shocked and surprised of what they got because it's real to earn an income.I have never experience this when I was a child, but this tme in their generation, for me there is no limit of age when I could teach my kids or train them financially.

This week I will move on in listing their other items on ebay other aside from my owm items.By then Christmas will never be hard for me, in my pocket because the kids have saved their money.Plus they can share some donations too on christmas.

It's a great feeling when you see their income growing,the bottom line in that the concept of working hard, and the importance of saving money, and giving donations, is already planted in their minds little by little.In due time, they will completely, understand it.

Now,  they can start giving 10% of their income through tithe giving.My motive is to glorify God in their financial aspect, that everytime they get something " anything " monetary, clothes, toys, books, and more...they have this responsibility too, to give what is due to God, either giving tithes, giving donations and much more choices.....even in their husband keeps telling them, you serve God at Church by playing your music instruments.

Indeed, whatever my kids get, or myself will get...we all have responsibility tied in it...that is giving back to God what He deserves.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My kids 1st Item sale on eBay

Nintendo Dsi is the first Item I posted in my "anykidstuff" account on eBay, solely the income goes to my kids saving box. My goal is for them to learn how to manage their own earned extra buck. This is the right age for them to be educated financially. I will see who can save more by December.

All my kids have something to sell this time.

Last night, after listing items on ebay everything went fair for me and my kids, and we had a " BLOKUS " BOARD GAME in our bedroom and we end up having fun.They also work like they help me out at home. When I cooked, they clean up the table, if I arrange stuff they clean up their own bedroom and playroom as well.

As of now, one step at a time, me and my kids have learned something, work at home, be educated financially, spending time together, we play SUNGKA, Blokus board games, they dance in bed each of them just have fun before sleep, and when they sleep I pray for each of them silently and claim God's favor in their lives, and our day is complete.

Hopefully, i would hit my goal on top of it....whatever we achieve, God is always behind our success, for without God we cannot do it.

Soon, I will be futuring the christmas boxes we prepare for our Church BHCMI.That is my kids project, every christmas.

So, life is also all about giving not just selling...though life on the hand is sailing...

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Launching My KIDSTUFF store on eBay

This account, I am using it to sell my kids items just for their own earnings.I have never thought my son could get the concept of pricing the items on eBay right away.He knows how to price it.Kids here in the States are previlege to have the best toys or games at home. Though I still use a basic " sungka " games to them, litik-litik,in our our country, and board games- i love those games.

So, today is the day that I will put their items on sale.The money goes to their saving box.I have seen the importance of the kids to learn how to be financially educated, where they should know how to handle money.when recession hits America, I have seen many people suffereing financially,though for me I have known that God is my source of income but how about the others? our faith matters too.This is just one of my way of teaching my own kids how to be financially successful-my goal is to train them how to manage their money.I would say, this is very important.

Over this week they will see their first income.I will see who saves more.Best of all I will give importance to train them to give what is due to God.Share their blessings in the right way too.I am very encourage because so far, every time if I give my kids, extra buck when helping me pack and ship items on eBay, they just put it in their saving box.Most of all if we go to the Mall, normally a child ask for something, but when i say not this this time, all of them would just say " fine " the delay of gratification of what they want is already in their lifestyle.

They deserve to be taught, to be trained in pracrical life, aside from Academics.I will give updates soon.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Teaching kids to be Successful

Before I decided to move forward in my eBay sales, I read quite a lot of updated books from Best Seller Authors and you will love their writing though not all their ideas, stragetegy,principles, plan would apply to the need or plan in your own business.But there's this one major thing that I have learned a simple statement but it's a fact at some point.One author said that, Schools have taught us many things and helped us to finish our College Degree, but  teaching students  " how " to become successful in life is the thing that is lacking, which is somehow true, especially in the financial matter...a lot of people got mess up even those who earned the highest Degree.

My son's teacher is quite strict, she applies her consequences to the kids, in relation to what is going to happen to them at work when they work someday if they make a wrong choice, then your might get fired or something.Everytime there is a consequence it's always related to how you behave at work or in the society someday. It always always about working hard and earn your reward. I got it.I thought my son would not survive...yet he said, mom, don't worry I will be fine at School.Somehow, there's a good process of success.

Now, my husband has an eBay account too,which he is not using at the moment.Since my kids are already involve in my eBay business like helping me pack the items,and drop the items at the Postal Office, I decided, to teach them how to be successful in helping me.I told them that you have used toys that you never used anymore and it's have good value, I will sell  your toy in your dad's eBay account,whoever is that toy that will get sold then that's your income and put it in your saving box.

I am very encourage to do that, because I have learned that other than trusting God, giving Him what God deserves, I also believe that God will honor the labor and effort of our hands in a way that we try to be steward of his blessings in our lives.I always have back up " skills " in my hand. So  far God has never left my hand empty.Then, my children get extra buck when they help me in my eBay or a treat like ice cream or a toy as " long as they work for me ".They deserve it.So, one of my daughter is very frugal.If  I  let her choose ice cream treat or a while she told me....mmm, ice cream today for me, I will get the dollar and save it this time.Helping me on eBay is their choice of work, which fits to their age level, they pick a time...a short time to help me.If they choose something else for the day like playing then it's ok but the bottom line is that...they learn that when they work with me, they are in the real world with me teaching them basic skills in life.

Now, my second daughter got a little saving for her own.Indeed, we all decided to help them sell their things that they won't use anymore, and they will save it.My I may not know....his income somehow it will help him build his charity house  someday for homeless people whom he desire to help.My youngest daughter loves to give.....I like it when they give something back because, for me giving is always a part of life.

Finally,basic skills in survival is very important in the lives of our children.When they learn it...they will bring it with them for the rest of their lives, and it will help them find the right course in life that leads them to become successful and I will be rest assured that they will be successful because I know that I have taught them " the basic skill on how to reach the ladder of success and live independently."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

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ASK,SEEK,KNOCK-Given,Find,Open Unto You

This morning during my devotion, God led  me to the word giving.Giving sometimes is painful to do especially when the thing that you will give is the last thing you have.But with God's principle,give 'til it hurts, and always after giving there's always a release of blessing that follows and God never missed that release of His bountiful blessings in my life...not even once.

Then I'm led to the words: ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. I am thankful because that's what I need today.Meaning, sometimes or most of  the time we forgot to ask, seek, and  knock God's way of blessing us either in great health,healing,financial blessing, release from any bondages, and such.So, today, I will ask,seek, knock, God for what is due to me and my family.GOD I will ask You to release your blessings of great health, more sales in my eBay store,success in my online network, unity in my family, friends, and loveone's, I will seek your will in my life, and I will knock Your door in heaven until you release all what you got for me and my family.YES!!! I claim in Jesus name and so be it!!!


When you have time, please visit my very interesting eBay Store. Here is the link:

If you find something interesting,make an offer and I will respond to as soon as I get your offer.I sell new and slightly used handbags,shoes,clothing, collectibles,antiques,and vintage items.Some of the items are my handmade items too.

Thank you for reading have fun and shop at my eBay Store.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

eBay Launching as Full Time Job!

Last month was my eBay launching as full time job and it work great! It was a very hectic schedule for me last month in my eBay Store.Checking in my eBay Specialist Status and monimtoring it until now.Thank God that all things work together for good!!! His own perfect time.It was quite a load of listing in the Collectibles Category yet the effort deserved its best performance and it's worth it to celebrate that my job is working great by God's grace!!! and in Him alone I will give the glory and honor and praises.

This month will be another great month in my eBay and hopefully, my blog writing will go with it even just every week, or twice a week. I thank God for everything.Nothing is long as we will never be idle...keep thriving instead, discover God's gift of talents, skills, that are in your  hands...eventually you will find i do.God is great!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Here in California, we have a high sales tax which is 9.25% and if you have three children and all of you are five in the family,then that's a thing that you need to consider before spending anything, of course that is in accordance with your income or just simply frugal.Big size carpets are quite expensive plus sale tax, so it would cost more.Carpets can accentuate the beauty in your home.There are also times that the carpet will retire and to be thrown away where no matter how you clean it up, it's just it's time to let it go.
I went to thrift store.Brand new quilted comforter are pretty expensive (just like the carpet) because of the style how it's being sewn " it's quilted ". But when the quilted comforters would go to thrift stores, it will only cost between $ 2- 6.95 and the difference is big.Plus, if you can find a nice color then the effect is pretty, and you can wash the quilted blanket when it gets dirty.So, I decided to transform the quilted comforter that is not being used into a floor carpet---easy to clean, just wash it,dry it, and put it back on the floor, and it will last longer you know why? because of the style " it's quilted "the way it being sewn is quite stronger.The ones on the pictures are real quilted comforter that I presently use as my floor carpet.Most of all  I enjoy doing it!


If you are out of budget, and would like to change your pillow case so badly. One of the creative ways i did to my pillow cases was to use my old skirt.The one in the picture is my skirt, which I never  use anymore.What I did was put the pillow inside the skirt and sew  both edges of the skirt . I used a blanket stitch when i had it sewn.Still the color of the pillow case matches my seat cover.You may have old skirts or any old fabrique that you can recycle instead of buying. My simple concept at home is that, I will decorate my home in accordance with my affordability, meaning I don't necessarily need to buy because I want to decorate my home and spend money on it.No. I let myself learned to go around my closet and look for something that can be of good use.It's all about neatness, and cleanliness, and how well you arrange the house that matters, for me it doesn't necessarily go with high end or brand new products.This is just one of my ways to simplify my expenses and try to save more.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Last night we were watching a movie " NELL" acted by Jodie Foster and Liam Nison with his late beloved wife.There was a simple statement that Jodie as " Nell "  was stating at the court during the last part of the movie were she tried to defend hersef. Nell told the witnesses. Don't worry about Nell. She said you are used to "big" like big things, big world (as i understood it ), Nell used to small like small place,small house, live just by herself and she is used to it.You are used to being loud,Nell is used to being " quiet " like a quiet place (as i understood it ), in short " we miss quietness, and small things  in our lives ".This woman lived somewhere in the mountain of North Carolina " in the wild ". Quite a distance, there's only a small community.The movie was heart warming,sentimental,a life learning  for me, but the two words at the last part which i was struck about : small and quiet.She won the case and moved back to her own small place and after 5 years, Liam and her wife with their little daughter this time visited her and i found out that evenually she found a real home,place,friends, and most of all she learned to speak (watch her talk with the little girl at the end part).

It's true somehow, or maybe that sometimes things get complicated because a person use to think big,big,big,things, like big house,big salary,big place,big community,big car,and people end up broke in many areas or aspects in life. Nell live a lifestyle which is the opposite around which for me I never knew, she was able to cope it up despite her language or different kind of language (which they guess she might be a victim of some kind of violence at first but at the end they found out that she was scared of going out to the real world because her mother used to read her a story about guardian angel and devilish kind of world, so she got stuck in one place and she could hardly let go off  her twin sister that died too long ago).after that she simple say  " quiet " word,  where I miss so much here in the States.Americahas a lot to offer yet it drives you away from the real beauty of life if you let the offers control you,it's a fast forward place...I cried, because I knew that it qiuetness you will hear God's voice, you will see the beauty of  life in quietness.

So, this morning after a I waxed our floor,made my morning coffee, read a christian book for my morning inspiration : GOD'S ROAD MAP FOR MOMS...I read about  forgiveness and letting go of the past.Jodie in the movie,there was a scene where she let go off her sister , it was her missingness of a lost twin sister.It was hard for her to let go,tears were in her eyes.After she let go off her past,the following day which was the court hearing that's when shes " able"  stood up, talked, fight for herself, and defend her friends (Liam and natasha).I never knew in my  morning coffee table, I would also be reading about forgiveness and letting go.when Jodie let go of her past, she gained strength and courage for  herself where she let the people knew that she is a survivor,she survive of what happened to her life and even her own life people doesn't understood it,but thats what  her life is all about.Her life was normal for her if you would know her well and understand her own distinct and unique language.

My resolution for myself today, in my coffee table is that, Lord, I will try to live a " small " amount of lifestyle like i dont need a lot of things, like women like a lot of bags,shoes, lots of make ups,and more, and Lord , i don't need to have a lot of activities I will involve myself and my kids for what is just enough and considerable in our schedule.Small yet the outcome is big progress.Then, quietness. I should end my day earlier or start my day earlier (either way ), so I can spend " quiet " time with my God, because thats what the outside world is lacking this time.The world i full of noise, and full of big things absorb in their minds, which sometimes, it will just end our lives tired, burned out, deppressed, and losing what we invest in. A person will forget  the beauty of " small things " and most of all " quietness " in life.I do.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, far if the School will not call me to sub, then, I know my income will stop. It would still be better to earn extra income, to help my hubby's income stream for the family.So, several days I was busy posting items on eBay.In less than a month I have posted 80 items.I am hoping to post more, but i still need to balance my other activities.Well, eBay is doing good for me and I will continue doing it.

I have found a new niche to sell, and it's selling well. Buy cheap, earn big. I put everything to fixed price, most likely, i get the right amount after the item get sold.One of the best items this month that got sold was my VINTAGE OLIVETTI LETTERA TYPEWRITER made in Spain.I bought this item for a few box, then got sold for $80.00 and the buyer is from Australia.

Indeed, it's worth it,I mean the labor and a little bit of patience will help progress life each day.Still, I would say, it's also best to trust so well in God's provision,eBay is just one.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


California is one of the States that have been  hit by serious economic crisis due to the Financial budget that has been mess up for a long period of time until now.Other States may have start recovering, but here in California, lay-offs is still going on, cutting of budgets still going on as well.My hubby's wwork is still even planning to cut more workers.Me, I'm a product of a "Budget Cut " School teacher like I work as an On Call for 5 months now.It's hard to look for a full time job.

Obviously, if I'm at home,if not called to work, of course I need to work  home like cleaning the house,arranging, changing mats, rugs, etc. When I badly needed a new set of rug at home, well it's not my best idea to buy a new one.It's not that expensive but it will basically add more expense.

What I did, I went to my favorite Thrift Store, and look for a slightly used bathroom rug. I found one new set, and I placed it in our Suite room and i bought it really cheap. But the other one is not matched.The color is off- white the one that you will put under the bowl. You will see it in the picture.Then, I just used my flower rug on the side -which is obviously not matched but the color is quite close to each other.The center of the flower is colored off -white though and the flower is pale pink.I just arranged the bathroom floor really well and put some decoration to accentuate the place and clean it up,dis-infect, and that's it. I have a clean, fresh bathroom.Mix-matched within your budget is in, at this time of crisis. It's on how you play around whatever you have at home.

Yes, even if it's matched everything yet it's a messy area, still it doesn't look good, rather than it's mixed-matched but its all arranged, and well decorated with simple accents to add beauty in your bathroom, it will make a difference interms of the " looks " in your bathroom.

This is just one tip for one simple budget,yet worth it to try and explore!

Goodbye, Bottled Water

It's been a while I never bought any kind of bottled water.I drink tap water for quite sometime now.Maybe because I get use to bottled water, it's hard to get back to an old style of drinking - our own tap water.I found a way to make it taste good, or somehow have a fresh non-artificial flavor.I just put a lime, or lemon cut into half or unripe green orange and cut into half and just simply put in the water with ice.It taste good to me, it has a fresh flavor without any sugar. I never squeeze it.Now at home me and my family drinks in our own faucet. We always try not to buy bottled water outside, not unless if we have no other choice.

It's a little change in my daily lifestyle,but it helps cut our expenses.If I buy a box of bottled water weekly, and one box is worth $4.00 including tax, multiplied by 4 (4weeks) = $ 16.00 each month, multipled by 12 months = $ 192.00 which means this is the amount I can save for a year without buying bottled water at all.

You can try it.It has pure Vitamin C.

Alternative For Flowers For Tables

It's been a week a ran out of flowers. Every time I went to Safeway to buy my carnation flowers the bucket is empty. Of course, I love putting something on my tables, anything that can make the home alive and warm, anything that can accentuate my tables. Here's my simple solution. I like playing around my collections of big and small sizes of glasses like i have in the pictures as you could see it.The bottom one is a recycled glass from a candy filled jar.The tall one, I bought it at the Thrift Store for 99cents only.

Yesterday, when we arrived  home from the grocery, I had a hard time looking for something where I could put my orange fruit.I remember my big tall glass is empty.So,I went to my front yard and harvest my green unripe oranges and put it at the bottom of the glass. Then I placed the ripe oranges on top of the green unripe oranges which i will be using for  my tap  water in the glass pitcher later with ice.

It's simple, but it accentuate the table.It gives freshness around the dining area.Additional tip, for beautifying your table.You dont need to buy new things to do it. Those crystal candle holder and the candles were bought at the Thrift Stores. It's really cheap, doesn't hurt your pocket, that if you really want to do something at your home, and your budget is too tight.If you have no budget at all to buy, try to play around whatever is in your house, I know you can find one.

The wide big glass at the bottom, I placed it at my kitchen close to the wall, and it adds freshness too in my kitchen.

This is just some simple alternative.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This is a " Phantom of the Opera " 18K coated gold ENAMEL Trinket Box. It has an authenticity card with it. Ever since I got here in the States, I love " Thrift Stores ". I got a job as Preschool teacher after a couple of months I got here. Down the road on the way to the place where I was teaching, I found these two Thrift Stores.I was new here. I did not want to bother my hubby to buy me expensive things, because when I was in the Philippines, he already bought a lot of things for me and that was enough. I knew he worked so hard for me and my son at that time, so I did not want to add more burden on him, it terms of clothes, shoes, Jacket, jeans for winter.

One day, after work, i was driving I dropped by at this one best Thrift Stores I have ever known. They have great products either new or pre-owned (used ones).It has become my Mall ever since, until now.I never know, as years go by, I will make extra income from that Thrift Store.

Then, I was already selling on eBay a year ago, while browsing the different categories on eBay, I saw these collectibles and trinkets.I looked for it and read the description.After that, I ask my hubby to upgrade my cellphone and put an internet connection, so when I go to the Thrift Stores, if I see a nice sellable item, I will search it on ebay through my cellphone.There!it made a good blast!

I saw this one new Phantom of the Opera trinket box.It was in the box, with authenticity card, and the trinket was so fine and really I knew somebody would buy it.

Finally, I put it on auction sale on ebay and I started it from $100.00, for 7 day bidding. There was one person who bid it. That person won.You know how much that trinket box worth when I bought it? I only bought it for  only $ 12.00 at my favorite Thrift Store.This trinket box is sold already.This is just one of my BEST BUY, BEST SOLD items on eBay.I was curious who bought it, so, I searched the buyer,then I found out the buyer is a PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Collector.

I have never expect in my whole life that one day  the Thrift Store that I use to go, would become  my source of income especially in this time of financial crisis.Though, I believe that this is just one way of how God have showed me His own way of providing my own income.

$1.00 Arabic Neclace Bought at Flea Market sold at $15.00 on eBay

Two years ago, I went at the flea Market.It's one of the best places to buy my eBay products.Buy Cheap earn big.One day, I bought a lot of $1.00 summer neclaces.But one of those neclaces I bought are very unique.

I love the neclace, the hook locked.It's the bling-bling that made the neclace looked gorgeous.Why ? its because of the " Arabic Engraving." I loved  to collect it,but my purpose of buying it was because of my eBay business.I need to sell it. I was in doubt to sell it because, it has no Brand Name but the Arabic engraving is the one that looks gorgeous in that item.

After two years of keeping it.I decided to sell it on eBay for 30 days in the amount of $15.00. If I bought it for a dollar and sold it for 15 box minus the eBay final value and listing fee, let say I will get $10.00 from it.Still the net is more than the amount when i bought it which is only $1.00.I just sold it on eBay.

This is just one of my best buys and best sold items on eBay.


This summer here in california doesn't really look like summer to me.It might be sunny but at the same time it's cloudy.We just experienced over a hundred degrees just last week or two, which is quite late.It's September already, not so much with the fun in the sun.

Today,before six in the evening, it's already getting dark.It should still be sunny.Well, I am hoping that before the official Fall will come I could still enjoy the sunny part,there's still an Indian summer though.Well hopefully.

While browsing in the internet this late afternoon,looking outside my window,the weather doesn't seem right.It looked like winter to me,breezy,cold, dark, gloomy.I only see it during winter time.

Well,even if the weather doesn't seem right to me,I would still acknowledge God, and praise Him even the weather is against my mood today.He knows what's best for us, He knows the weather around the world.So, I will end up night thanking Him for the " winter like weather ."

Friday, September 3, 2010

My " blestHim " Store at

Friday, August 20, 2010

Best Websites To Sell Online

Use the Internet For Online Business

Use the Internet For Online Business

Steps To Sell On eBay

Steps To Sell On eBay

Steps To Sell On eBay

Steps To Sell On eBay

Basics of Blogging

Basics of Blogging

Basics of Blogging


Two days this week, while watching my daughter from teeth recovery, I made used of my time to declutter my house. Thank God! majority of the house is clean, well arrange,well decorated.Praise God for the wisdom, on how to finish it fast like before friday comes.When I was done with all those plan, I appreciate the value of planning how to make the house in order. I just figured out that my youngest one is in the  right age to be trained to help clean up the mess that are appropriate to her age.I thank God so much for the focus, and determination, in order for me to accomplish it while using my time as I watched my child recovering.To declutter a house is not an easy task, it needs focus, and a right plan. I came up to a decision where I need to do it now.

Eventually, right before friday, everything is done.Thursday, night was my plan to do the grocery and  cook food, and marinate pork meat for " adobo " for Saturday plan to bring the kids at Six Flags -   I was happy  cooking the Tilapia fish to steam it, and it taste good! no fats and calories included, pure steamed meat! I also cooked  sinigang soup for my kids and wow! my kids love it!!! Yesterday, was a day to prepare all my food for tonight and tomorrow.At least tomorrow morning I will slow cook my marinated pork meat to be brought with us for lunch at Six Flags.

Tonight is Friday!!! I came home very relax, and when I went inside the house... I felt so cozy in my own home. What a cozy friday! It feels great when I get home that the house is decluttered, and food is ready to eat, my comfort area where I do my online business is well arranged and decorated.It's so serene and peaceful...a great place to relax after a week of work. My kids are relaxing too because their place is also decluttred.I'm blest that it's not just me that enjoys the cozy friday but as well as my kids.What a cozy friday I have today. To have a cozy friday at home is to plan ahead, and finish the task before friday and you will end up having a cozy friday.


One of the experts said that one way to move on to your daily work at home with peace and serenity in your mind, is first to declutter your home.Well, in my own opinion it's true. This week my daughter just had her teeth fixed.I wasn't able to go to work then to watch her.Every time, she was sleeping and resting, I took time to declutter my home.Fall classes is coming fast by September.It's just a perfect time to clean the mess and start arranging the things in order especially that two of my children will be going to School.I started at the receiving room,took all the things that will not be used anymore such as mails, old magazines.sweeping the floor,took out the cubwebs away! then, I refill the candles with new ones, and put a  fresh flower in my zen.Instead of buying a new carpet, I use or recycled my old quilted comforter and use it as a carpet.We agreed in the family to take off our shoes before going inside the house.

Second,was my family room.My family room was open and there's loft in it, for the toys to play with the children I had before in my childcare.Now, I turned my loft into a small bedroom tent as my kids call it.I empty the loft, disinfect the floor, and clean up the glass wall.Then I put a bedfoam on the floor to make it their bed.On top of the loft I put a canope with paper lamp at the center on top.The canope is made of crochet blanket. I just recycled it and make use of it.I threw all the things that the loft never used anymore.

Third was my Online store office. I just arranged everything and it's all done right as well.The room across our suite room was no use at this time, so I decided turn it into my comfort area, where I put one coctail small table and one coctail chair with my Laptop. One big couch leaning on the french window, where I covered it with my recycled crochet blanket. I cleaned up the floor, and put my collection of recycled quilted blanket and the floor look pretty.Of course I threw all unnecessary things away!

Now, three areas in my house are well decorated and well arranged and decluttered! Our suite room will be my last project, its putting away old clothes and send it to the Philippines for this coming christmas as part of my family christmas giving project. My kitchen is decluttered too, and placing the sugar, creamer, coffee, into the right container.A little bit of enhancing by placing a curatin at one of the wall shelving adds beauty in the kitchen.

Tonight, I'm ready to move on with my blog hopping, and writing, as well as selling on my ebay!yey!!! decluttering the house is one of the best first thing to make sense in doing other jobs.It gave me a peace of mind, order in what i need to be doing next and so on,It gives me quiet rest when I get home, and it gives the children a homey environment.As what the motto keeps saying : " Cleanliness is next to Godliness".Being in tune with God's voice is easier for me to hear when the house is decluttered.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Early this morning about 4 am. my daughter Hannah woke up and cried.She was scared of the dark.After putting her back to sleep...I could hardly fell asleep. It was quiet and I heard God's voice in the silence.It was even better to hear His voice in the quietness of the early morning. He woke me up. I thank Him for the another day.Early morning God is there already waiting for me to get up!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Develop your Blog Content by Joining a Contest

I was blog reading in my cousin's  blog.While reading her posts, I read this SEO contest at  from August - October 2010.I decided to join this week. I was able to write 5 articles so far. My goal is to promote my blog, make friends with other bloggers, and I found out that it's easy to communicate in the environment.My other goal is to develop my writing content, and learn to deal with pressure, and challenges from other bloggers.My own blog is my long term plan, I am working on this  one step at time because I have 3 kids, and I have other small online business, at the same time I teach.

This time, I have seen that my blog is ready to venture another level of experience. My brain is popping out to share what I learn and experience in my life's journey. So, here I am  joining the SEO contest which I never planned  to do. I  never expect  also that 2 of my articles are among the top 10 popular posts at  My 2 popular articles are : 1. Steps to Sell on eBay   2. Use the Internet for Online Business. I also have an article about the Best Websites to sell Online.I will be writing more...

Please read my articles at  and let me know your opinion.They have their own qualifications to win,but the most important thing that I am doing which I enjoy in this contest is the process of looking the write content, and the fun of meeting new bloggers,the chance to read and research your niche,  the bloggers opinion and encouragement, So, the Social media networking is one way to promote your blog and yourself.It's not just about winning.I am not promoting the Evoire  website,this is based on my expeience this week, because it's been couple of days since I wrote my articles that 2 of them are still on the popular posts knowing that there are already more than 125 articles published. I found the contest fun, and interesting!

Effective Acne & Blackhead Treatment

There  is a certain week every month that my acne will come out in my forehead. It never looks good. One day, I was at Walgreens Pharmacy, I was looking at some affordable Acne and Blackheads treament. I never knew that there is two in one treatment available for acne and blackhead. So I decided to buy  it for less that $10 box. After weeks of  using it, I notice that there was some good effect in my acne and my blackeheads especially in the nose area. My blackheads started to deminished. It prevents more acne from coming out.I just try to use it until now more often because if I  stop, it's hard to start all over and wait for couple of weeks to see the good effect.This treatment is preventive treatment  from having more acne and blackheads.Therefore, if you are looking for some affordable acne and blackhead  treatment try the AcneFree clear skin treatment. Terminator 10 and it's content is Time-Released 10% Benzoyl Peroxide-it's a powerful acne fighting formula contains maximum strength. Medicated Spot acne treatment. Net WT. 1 oz.(28g) I share this one because I know that there are many men and women are suffering from acne and blackhead. I am not saying that this is best for everybody.always know your alergy history.It's still best to ask your Dermatologist. I also share this treament because you can buy this without Doctor's prescription or you may visit at .I am not promoting this product.This is just part of my blog which my goal is to share some of my knowledge to make other people happy as they read here at my Coffee Table.

Praise God for my Blog

I thank God for my blog.Exactly one year,I have seen great progress.This is my long term plan and now, I am improving.I join a writing contest at and two of my articles are on the top 10 popular post and the titles are : Steps on selling eBay and Use your Internet for Online Business, which is a good exposure.This blog is beyond God's grace.Thanking Him is my great delight!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The shower smiles in a politician.

Disclosure Policy

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content. The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Many parents even teachers have a hard time finding ways to let their child know the alphabet.For me as a mom, as a teacher, I am always concern of the child's balance life.My son was late in his reading development.He loved numbers during his formative years.This strategy that I have been using to my two children is quite effective.This exclude my third one because she is not ready yet,I never force the child.Reading is developmental.Time will come they really need to be ready especially when it's time for them to go to School. My mom always tell me that the best way to let the child learn about something is through repetition method.

Since then,I am doing that method to my children.First,you say the letter and let the child say it after you.After you said the letter you also need to say the sound of the letter, and let your child say the sound too after you.Never forget to say the sound of the letter because it's the sound of the letter that you will use in the reading process not the letter recognition.One time, I remember my daughter,she forgot the letter,but she remembered the sound of the letter, which is more important.

Then you need to apply the repetition method.Do the same thing: say the letter and let the child repeat after you, and say the sound of the letter and let the child repeat after you, " everyday".In a month or so, your child will be able to recognize all alphabet.

Remember, repetition is the key.As simple as that!


Buy from

Thursday, August 5, 2010

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RECOVERY (Audio CD - jUN 21,2010)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon TattooThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

My Neocounter Widget




I really miss home my beloved country Philippines!!! I am proud to be a Filipino!!! I love our own product as well. That arrangement i made are big shells, a native bag from my beloved friend Susan from the Philippines.That bag, it's been with me for two years now.I put " sungka " at the front as we call it our own country. One flower vase which i filled with medium sized shells and i tied a shell neclace around  the vase.The antique clock is also the one that adds the beauty on the table.There's one peach color candle on the left which i used a recycled yellow bowl, and recycled green saucer at the bottom.The table is antique too. All those decorations are recycled.Nothing is new. I spent quite enough time to look for many, many, shells for my home.My candles, my own sungka, vase,shells are from the thrift stores.My antique clock is from the garage sale close to my house.I love doing this and it gives me some relief from tired soul...there's no excuse not to decorate a home with  less expensive things.Nothing is even brand new!!!
These decoration is placed on top of the Piano whom my beloved mother-in-law gave to my children. I bought these glasses from the thrift store close to my house, as well the collections of shells.You can see my other zen if you can see the reflection of the mirror.Of course i took time to arranged the shells in each of
the glass.Least expensive, everything is recycled, I try to decorate my home without any excuse of the need to buy new things just for me to be able to decorate, or to give myself an excuse not to decorate because
everything needs to be new.That is not true in my own opinion.
This is my last arrangement for the day.If you see this picture, you are looking at  vintage items.This a small table where i get my sugar, creamer, and coffee.
As a stay home mother, these are the few things that i love doing that makes me feel's kind of therapy for me, as what my friend Susan told me.Both of us would love to go to flea markets and thrift stores as well as garage sales hunting for inexpensive things that can enhance the look of a home.Until now, some things i cannot let go of doing, that is decorating and arranging my home...which that made my own children a home body for now , and telling me mom, i love this home, this is home and that is a huge compliment for me to hear it...they love to see my home in different ways of " simple style " yet cozy to stay in.


It's summer and I want my home to have a summery feeling. I love flowers but flowers are expensive it's $9.95 or more excluding sales tax. I went to safeway grocery, and i tried to go around the flowers corner.There I found this one soft pink summery feeling carnation flower for $ 3.75 which i like because it's a lot! I can spread it out since that is my plan.Here's one of the pictures i took.I took 4pcs. of my wine glasses and put one carnation flower in each of them and place it in my own zen.
This is my zen.It's a white antique table with an inverted antique mirror behind it.On top of the table i put a rectangular candle in front of it, flower next to the candle, and a glass of shells on both sides, and another tall glass with candle inside, and small stones at the bottom.
This is another set of flowers. I used a simple recycled glass and my handmade yellow crochet at the bottom of the center flower  vase.I just cut the carnation flowers shorter to fit in the size of the glass, and i placed it at
the center of my dining table.It's simple, yet it makes a big difference.

One detailed picture that i took.

This is how it looks in my dining table.Now i celebrate my summer with a warmer ambiance, with a summery carnation flower which i was able to decorate my tables with a $3.75 worth flower.And this kind of flower it will last up to two weeks, and never smells bad when it starts to die.It's cheap but practical, rather than no flowers at all!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Last Saturday night was the main event of our Camping at Don Pedro California.It's about 3 hours drive from where we live.It was a very fun night for everybody not just adults, but as well as kids. The main reason I really went there was for my kids to enjoy playing with other kids and for them to meet new and old friends. It's summer, so it should be fun for them if camping in one of the lists of all activities throughout the summer season.

That night all people where having fun, me I was singing, and dancing, I just wanted to relax and have fun.Obviously, all kids were enjoying, and I never knew, that S'mores meaning : Keep a marshmallow warm with a fire was one of their main night event. It's a traditional nighttime campfire treat popular here in the United States, and Canada, consisting of a warm or roast marshmallow and a layer of chocolates between two pieces of graham cracker.So, me and Hannah keep a marshmallow warm with a fire and it tasted good indeed!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Reading is one of my favorite thing to do from the time I started working my Business at Home. John Maxwell is one of my favorites. Here are some of the tidbits about " 5 Rules of Relationship" from his article in the magazine I read just today.

1. GET ALONG WITH YOURSELF-The one relationship you will have until you die is with yourself. Treat yourself of love you deserve and treat yourself with respect.

* It's true, especially moms who are staying home for a very long time to tend their children, or just have been having a hard time looking for a job, we lose our sense of value to ourselves, which is to love ourself a kind of love that we deserve, and respect ourself as well.We try to blame ourselves when there's failure at home and lose value. That's what I learned , that I need time to enhance and groom myself,read and educate my mind and heart. aside from that, i give myself a simple treat like doing my own facial and Body scrub thing just myself-I chose it because I love doing it.I color my own hair, I pluck my eye browse, I waxed my skin.I clean my face with fresh orange, or lemon, I drink coffee.I try to sleep early,though I'm a nocturnal, I eat fruits, vegetables, I bike with my family,i spend time watching the nature to restore my soul.For me, soda,ice cream,chocolate, candies,are not part of my daily intake.I taste it one's in a while.There are many ways to show yourself the love you deserve.Most importantly,never let somebody hurt you physically,that is not loving yourself at all, that is losing love and value within you.

2. VALUE PEOPLE -You cannot make another person feel important if you secretly feel that he or she is anobody.Recognize that everyone has innate value and treat them accordingly.

* Everybody deserves attention,appreciation,just like little kids.Who would say, only kids need attention? and appreciation?

3. MAKE THE EFFORT TO FORM RELATIONSHIP-The result of a person who has never served others? Loneliness.Chuck Swindoll said , " It's like they say in the army when you dig a fox hole, make enough room for two." Reach out and enjoy new relationships.

* My comment is that I love building relationships with others.My own principle: if i build and nurture any realtionship with effort, people will never forget me, no matter where i go, they will look for me.Building and nurturing with effort is like an " embossed in a leather bag " and " Brand Name deeply engraved in a metal " that can never be erased forever.

4. UNDERSTAND THE RECEPROCITY RULE- What you put into the lives of others comes back into your own.Give generously,love unfailingly, and show respect to everyone.

* Give,give,give, no matter what way of giving...just,love, is the best pathway to forgiveness, it would be easier to forget the past if you truely love either in relationship,or friendship, or children.If we love respect, forgiveness will follow.

5.FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE- Do unto others as you would have do unto you.

*That statement, is well simplified.No explaination is needed.I definitely agree.

It's refreshing to my heart,soul, and mind after i read this short article.Indeed, if relationship is not developed then we will all be devided.Everything else will just fall apart like a quick sand.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Driving at the Freeway, is one of my challenges here in the States, because in the Philippines where I used live I never drove any car. Here in the States, I have been driving for six years now. Since my work is not that far from my house, I rarely drive at the Freeway. Most of the time,It's my hubby who is driving whenever we go somewhere.If we go for a long drive then i can drive at the Freeway.If he needs to rest, we take turn.

Driving at the Freeway you need to follow the speed, which is the slowest is 55-65 miles/hour.You can go as fast as 70-75 speed when you are at the fast lane.Over speeding cost a lot of money when you get caught by a Police man.

Then, last Saturday, we had a camping with our close friends in Don Pedro California.It's 3 hours away from our place.Larry changed his mind not to go because there was an emergency though he followed us eventually. Then i had no choice than to drive.I never know that place, but i thought about my kid's expectation for camping with other kids and having fun with them was the thing that I was very concerned about.It should be their day, and it's their summer vacation.

So, I decided to drive using our GPS. Our friends said, if May will arrive today then, she's really brave the fact that she's driving alone with her three kids. I found out ,while driving, i had fun with God, I praise Him along the Freeway,especially when i saw a beautiful view like Hills, Farms, Fruit Stands, I enjoyed the scenic view, the serenity of my driving with God.It was the beauty of nature, and God's presence that I praise, that completey drove my fear of driving away at the Freeway.It turned out to be peaceful, and filled with praises, and gratitude.

Indeed, when i arrived, all of them were cheering at me. Inside me, I said it's not me who is brave to drive.It was God who gave me the courage to drive, and He tried to make me comfortable with His presence as I drive.Driving at the freeway, is not scary at all to me, because i found God and me enjoying each others presence.I never felt the speed, or even the big Trucks that i passed by or big trucks who passed by at me.My kids ended up happy, last weekend at the camp.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Life is hard, full of challenges, but it's a person's choice to take a challenge. I have learned to move on in my daily life as a woman, a wife, and a mom, that no matter how hard, and tough the road is, even it's crooked, and winding, it would take you slow,but the most important thing is I move on and decided not to stop.

Facing the battle in life, takes courage and endurance, patience is needed to achieve the goal in life.My life is challenging at this time...on call job, sell on eBay, craigslist, and etsy, write blog and learn to write more, but this is life. I should learn to dance with it.Thank God He help me dance with grace during tough times in life.

Life is full of joy, even in the midst of hardship.I choose to be happy everyday,no matter what.


eBay is a good way to earn extra income, especially this time of financial crisis.I'm blest to have the right place where to get my items, and sell it on eBay.The items I sell are mix it depends on the items available on the places i go to and buy them for cheapest price. Yesterday, I was happy to have four items sold.It seems like working full day as an employee which was the worth of the four items got sold.

I decided, to continue selling on eBay.It's a great opportunity.For me, I have fun and I enjoy taking my own ladder of learning.Sometimes I fail, but it won't stop me from moving forward.This niche really saved my life at the most needed moment.

I appreciate the idea of learning how to sell on eBay.It's fun,interesting,and challenging.You will be thrilled every time you list an item.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Now that I i closed my Home Childcare I've got to start somewhere, in order for me to finish up something.If i will not decide to start somewhere i have nothing to work on to. I teach right now in Preschool. But entrepreneurship is what i like doing in my spare time.I easily get bored, if i think about something to create, my mind works so quick and fast.

Today, i decided to re-decorate and re-arrange my home one corner at a time.Yesterday, i was done in my receiving room.Today, I made a small working studio for my ebay and etsy small business to do. My ebay business is my buy and sell products.My etsy which i just started it, is i make crafts out of my hobbies, as what i have said, i easily get bored. What i do is eaither, i crochet the basic crochet, i make cards, neclaces, out of my own idea. I love creating something out of my own imagination.This is where i need to start somewhere.When i'm done decorating my working studio then i will post it here in my blog.

I start writing whatever, changes that have been made in my life, from my change of job, to my finances, our home which we have another modification offer, my spiritual life, my kids, my family, with my hubby. In a year or so, i am hoping this writing, will be done in one book. Through this book I will see and figure out one year from now, where and how i started somewhere, and i will know and trace how it will end with a good ending of the thing that i start doing right now.This one book will be one accomplishment in my life story in a lifetime.

It's really good, to start somewhere, no matter how hard to figure out, this drive me crazy, but i focus on telling myself...I need to start somewhere.The best thing that happen is that by God's grace, I am able to start in one corner of my home.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Last monday, the Oakland Police Department just laid -off 80 Police Officers. Oakland is a big
City here in the Bay Area. Different crime is one issue that Oakland needs Police
Officers.Teachers are laid -off in different Cities.Even at the School where I am teaching right
now they just laid -off teachers. I remember, in our country " Philippines " if you are working in
the Public School or any Government Sector, you will never be laid-off. Working in the Government
in the Philippines is your security until you retire.

Here, in California this is one of the States that is affected in terms of Financial Disaster. Way
back then years ago, the budget here is messed up already and then as years went by...recession happened. During the first part of recession here in the States, I still had my Home Childcare. So, I could watch the news more often.I saw in the TV news how people got laid -off and how they
felt. I saw the despair on their faces. All I did was in-trust them to God, and prayed for them.
I just never thought that since the recession happened, until now, there's still a vast lay-off. One
more thing that hurt me is the hours, some Companies they decided not to lay - off but they cut
the hours. So, you have the job, yet it's not full time anymore, then what will happen to the
benefits? either cut in half ? or none at all ? how about to those elderly ones? who needs proper
health insurance? yet their hours were cut or shortened.That's what happened in my
Childcare-parents got laid -off, some the hours were shortened, if your faith in God is not that
strong, it would really cause depression in a period of time to some people, and whoever they are they need prayers.

In general, though America is a great Nation a land of milk and honey, yet this Nation needs
prayer. This Nation has a great role for peace and unity around the world in the near future.This is the Nation that helps many people from many Countries.I am just encourage to pray, and talk
about it, because I also experience the kind of job that other people have experienced. I wasn't
laid -off, but I closed my Childcare, because most of the parents got laid-off, I work this time
as an on call Teacher, still waiting for the full time spot, to be opened by Fall, by God's grace.Before writing this blog tonight, i tried to check jobs on craigslist in education area, it's hard to look for one, many are hiring- yet part time teaching.

Indeed,our job can never be our security for a lifetime...IT'S GOD THAT IS OUR FULL SECURITY.In moments like this, I have learned to live one day at a time, just like the " Mana "every single day I go out with faith, and get God's provision, and never worry for what I will eat for tomorrow. This is just my personal opinion.Let's continue to pray for the whole Nation, and all over the World!

Friday, July 16, 2010


This might only be applicable to those people who live here in the States.This is not mandatory, it's just a great suggestion from a christian best selling Author : Dave Ramsey
( ) This is what i got, from his book a little idea, which his #1 suggestion is what i am having at the moment, where the next step is too be followed by God's saving grace." It's always good to acknowledge God's grace."

I have read books from best selling authors Dave Ramsey is one of my favorites.Here's some of the tidbits i got, " THE HOUSEHOLD NEEDS TO HAVE "

One of Dave Ramseys' book :

1. $ 1,000.00 - Emergency fund.

2. Pay off all debt ( except the house ) utilizing the " debt snowball "
Debt snowball - list all your debts from smallest to largest.Start working the snowball and watch your victories grow.( I will share about snowball next time.)

3. Two - six months expenses in savings for emergencies.

4. Fully fund 15% into Pre-Tax Retirement plans & ROTH IRA, if eligible.

5. College funding

6. Pay off home early

7. Build wealth ( Mutual Fund & Real Estate)

Well, as a mom with three children growing, i am so encourage to read a lot of books about home management, money management, not just from ordinary authors but great authors where you really see them soarng high in their life. These authors have experienced being bankrupt, lost their home, from their beginnings, but they never gave up their dreams for a better life. They never forget God, and This author Dave Ramsey is even encouraging people to give 10% of their tithes to God to see how our heart works in terms of giving. Some Autrhors they may not empahisize 10% to God but still these rich people who made their dreams come true " GIVING 10% " to the needy are mostly part of their lives.

I believe, in what they apply to their lifestyle because other than tithing, in terms of giving, God will bless those people who will give no matter what denomination you belong.No wonder these rich people are so blest indeed because as part of the ladder they are climbing to become rich, or best, at the end of their goal...GIVING AWAY WHAT THEY HAVE IS PART OF THEIR LIFESTYLE.


I had a class online in one of New York's best online class for short courses like Blogging. It was then I knew some of the terms about blogging. But as the time passed by,those blogging idea i had left behind. Now that i want my own kids to like and appreciate reading, not necessarily loving it, but at least they will read because it's part of their education.Me as a mom who is a teacher, i decided to have them see me reading i come, this is my 4th book to read. This book is from : Tris Hussey.

These Top 10 worst domains were found by independent sources:

* Who represents -

* Experts Exchange -

* Pen Island -

* Italian Power Generator -

* Therapist Finder-

* Mole Station Native Nursery -

* Lake Tahoe -

This is a good hint for me to watch as i move on to my book reading review about blogging.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have been busy in my new teaching job.It's been a while i have not been in teaching world.Though I am busy for a new job, yet i try to read books, or magazines. Here's my new inquiry : BLOGOSPHERE TIMELINE.

* December 1997 : Weblog coined as term for online journal " web log "

* April - May 1999 : Shortened to " blog "

* April 1999 : LiveJournal Born

* August 1999 : Blogger launched by Pyra Labs

* October 2001 : Movable Typed launched

* 2001 : Drupal to open source

* February 2003 : Google acquires Blogger

* May 2003 : WordPress 0.7 released

* October 2003 : TypePad launched

* November 2002 : Technorati launched

* April - May 2004 : Tris starts his first blog

* January 2005 : LiveJournal purchased by Six Apart

* January 2005 : Fortune names : " Eight Bloggers You Shouldn't Ignore "

* January 2005 : First " Business Blogging Summit "

* August 2005 : opened to private testing

* December 2006 : Time names " You " person of the year because of rise of blogs.

* December 2007 : Six Apart sells LiveJournal to SUP

* December 2007 : MOavable Type released as open source

from the book of : " Tris Hussey "

So, I'm reading Tris Husseys' book right now.He was one of Canada's first professional bloggers.The author of thousand of posts and articles on scial media, blogging and technology,he was named one of Vancouver's top 20 social media people.He is a speaker,teacher,charter memebr of Proffessional Bloggers Association, and social media consultant.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


WHAT IS A SOCIAL NETWORKING ? A social networking are site places where corporations and individuals are sign up together, and create " about me " where your profile is written, and a little bit more about your interest, and hobbies, and more.Sounds quite fun.


TWITTER - Twitter describes itself as " real Time ", short messaging service that works on multiple devices and networks, from asking friends, world news.It let you shout out to the world by tweets of 140 characters or less.This is fast, and easy links that will be passed around quickly.

FACEBOOK- facebook is allowing people to share and make the world more connected and be opened.facebook has a lot more to offer than twitter,that includes fan of something, surveys,silly games.This has more picture to upload, and most of all it has an instant real time dialogue with your friends.Facebook offers a wide array of tools,including event notifications, promotions, discount coupons, invitations.Longer messages and the ability to have a string messages on both your messages and those of your friends.

LINKEDLN- This is where you can find the past and present colleagues and classmates easily.Discover inside connections when you are looking for a job, or new business opportunity.Like others,Linkedln is offering a profile feature and revolves around creating connections to specific people.It has an import that will attemp to make friends with everyone in your email address book. Linkedln has three features that facebook and twitter does not offer: a Q&A section where you can post question and then answers other people's question, thus building your credibity and increasing your exposure.You can recommend people here and post review about them.There is a job posting section where you psot job opportunies or even look for them.

LIVEJOURNAL- LiveJournal represents media without borders.LiveJournal is blogging with a friend feature.Like a hosted blog, your public entries are categorized and searchable on the LiveJournal site.LiveJournal has a community involovement, and individual expression.LiveJournal is on the forefront publishing community invlovement.The best thing is ,it has friend features, and blogging.

MYSPACE- Myspace is one of the oldest social networking sites.This is a best place for friends.It offers a huge services that includes built-in blog, profile feature, games, and friend feature similar to facebook.It focuses on video sharing, audio, Myspace is image.

Have fun while doing these Networking.Of all marketing you have to do socializing maybe the best fun .Put in mind that your are a person connecting with people.Now go out there and make friends!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I saw a white angel today with wings kneeling close to my door step, and suddenly i heard a quiete voice saying : you will be ok.
Now I see God's angels coming down to protect me.
I just declared this morning that : " God raise up your armies, and let your angels come down for me." And now I just saw an angel kneeling .I was teary eyed , in a sudden, I felt God inside me, assuring me that He is there for me.What a miracle of faith!
I heard a voice saying : move on!!!
We are here now guarding you.
I heard a voice saying : do what you need to be doing now.Do it now.
The miracle of confession and declaration is much more powerful when you are at war!
God cannot say no!, to fight in behalf of you.
God is so powerful that enemies will tremble, and be scared of His wrath!
I saw an angel today
and they are with me and my kids.
I just saw an angel today!!!