Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Launching My KIDSTUFF store on eBay

This account, I am using it to sell my kids items just for their own earnings.I have never thought my son could get the concept of pricing the items on eBay right away.He knows how to price it.Kids here in the States are previlege to have the best toys or games at home. Though I still use a basic " sungka " games to them, litik-litik,in our our country, and board games- i love those games.

So, today is the day that I will put their items on sale.The money goes to their saving box.I have seen the importance of the kids to learn how to be financially educated, where they should know how to handle money.when recession hits America, I have seen many people suffereing financially,though for me I have known that God is my source of income but how about the others? our faith matters too.This is just one of my way of teaching my own kids how to be financially successful-my goal is to train them how to manage their money.I would say, this is very important.

Over this week they will see their first income.I will see who saves more.Best of all I will give importance to train them to give what is due to God.Share their blessings in the right way too.I am very encourage because so far, every time if I give my kids, extra buck when helping me pack and ship items on eBay, they just put it in their saving box.Most of all if we go to the Mall, normally a child ask for something, but when i say not this this time, all of them would just say " fine "....so the delay of gratification of what they want is already in their lifestyle.

They deserve to be taught, to be trained in pracrical life, aside from Academics.I will give updates soon.

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