Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 Ever since i was a kid my exposure is in the teaching world. I saw teachers, students, everywhere because of my mom. My mom was a Regional Chief of Elementary Division (Dept. Ed.) in our City. Every summer, my mom would bring me with her whenever she would have a Teacher Training or Workshop. I have seen her demonstrating to teachers how to teach, and it happened most of the time during my younger years.

Eventually, I became a Teacher just like her. In fact, classroom demonstration is  my favorite ever since my College days, until now.Whenever, I am with kids, there's a different feeling that I always feel inside of me.Kids makes me laugh, they crack me up, they are fun, they are full of surprises! unpredictable! I am joyful whenever I am with them. Laughter, is free whenever you are with little kids!

I believe, teaching kids and being with little kids is my life's purpose, and I will continue doing it because it's with these kids I found joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction in my life's calling. The joy is consistent if I am with them.

Right now, I am currently  teaching at  Kimber Hills Academy. It's a great School! You can look at their website at :