Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Taking Time to Listen to the Sound of Crickets

My daughter just got better today from being sick. Anyway, this gave me time to read some book quotations that I love reading that would lit up a  tiring day! It's been a hot weather in couple of days now so I took time to stay at my porch, again drink coffee, took pictures of the sunset reflection, amazed with natures night beauty!

As I sit right now at my porch I am hearing these crickets outside that never stops! They're sound is all I hear. But, I am thankful because it gives me a chance today to be thankful for God's creation. Out of busy day... It's hard to find a time to simply sit and contemplate into anything under the sun. The time hasn't given me a chance to be at the beach or anywhere I want to be at the moment. When I sit here and hear the cricket sounds... I said... Wow! There's still nature that I hear in the midst of our busy place that we live in where you hear cars running by all the time! For now... I am hearing the crickets. It reminds me of God that He's there in the midst of busy life. The fact that it's not cold yet... So I can stay longer here just to simply listen.... And appreciate God's simple creation and beauty of life...

Indeed, this night has given me a glimpse of real life sound aside from all technologies around us. I will enjoy this nice warm night weather ... with the crickets around me... while watching my daughter recover. I mostly hear these crickets when I was a kid! - Have a great warm night everyone!!!