Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Flower in the Rain

May is the month where flowers bloom...
Flowers make me smile, 
Flowers gives me a brighter day.
The smell of a flower like rose, is romantic, and refreshing.

It feels like heaven whenever I have flowers in my vase...
There is something with flowers that makes me feel happy, and uplifted.
Fall starts to rain, and flowers starts to fade its color, it eventually die...
Even when flowers die, I saw them on the ground while it's raining, still flowers lit up myself.

I remember playing flowers in the rain when I was a little girl, we made it a crown,
or we made it an oil, or fresh perfume our of its juice
Flowers touch my my heart and soul, I wish I have bunch of flowers every single day 
flowers gives me a sunny day in the midst of fall and winter season.

Well for mow, I see flower fallen on the ground, and I call them 
flowers in the rain...I see them afloat on water but, I all I know flowers will flourish again on spring
and of of course bloom and blossom on May!
I still love watching those flowers in the rain.