Wednesday, September 8, 2010


California is one of the States that have been  hit by serious economic crisis due to the Financial budget that has been mess up for a long period of time until now.Other States may have start recovering, but here in California, lay-offs is still going on, cutting of budgets still going on as well.My hubby's wwork is still even planning to cut more workers.Me, I'm a product of a "Budget Cut " School teacher like I work as an On Call for 5 months now.It's hard to look for a full time job.

Obviously, if I'm at home,if not called to work, of course I need to work  home like cleaning the house,arranging, changing mats, rugs, etc. When I badly needed a new set of rug at home, well it's not my best idea to buy a new one.It's not that expensive but it will basically add more expense.

What I did, I went to my favorite Thrift Store, and look for a slightly used bathroom rug. I found one new set, and I placed it in our Suite room and i bought it really cheap. But the other one is not matched.The color is off- white the one that you will put under the bowl. You will see it in the picture.Then, I just used my flower rug on the side -which is obviously not matched but the color is quite close to each other.The center of the flower is colored off -white though and the flower is pale pink.I just arranged the bathroom floor really well and put some decoration to accentuate the place and clean it up,dis-infect, and that's it. I have a clean, fresh bathroom.Mix-matched within your budget is in, at this time of crisis. It's on how you play around whatever you have at home.

Yes, even if it's matched everything yet it's a messy area, still it doesn't look good, rather than it's mixed-matched but its all arranged, and well decorated with simple accents to add beauty in your bathroom, it will make a difference interms of the " looks " in your bathroom.

This is just one tip for one simple budget,yet worth it to try and explore!

Goodbye, Bottled Water

It's been a while I never bought any kind of bottled water.I drink tap water for quite sometime now.Maybe because I get use to bottled water, it's hard to get back to an old style of drinking - our own tap water.I found a way to make it taste good, or somehow have a fresh non-artificial flavor.I just put a lime, or lemon cut into half or unripe green orange and cut into half and just simply put in the water with ice.It taste good to me, it has a fresh flavor without any sugar. I never squeeze it.Now at home me and my family drinks in our own faucet. We always try not to buy bottled water outside, not unless if we have no other choice.

It's a little change in my daily lifestyle,but it helps cut our expenses.If I buy a box of bottled water weekly, and one box is worth $4.00 including tax, multiplied by 4 (4weeks) = $ 16.00 each month, multipled by 12 months = $ 192.00 which means this is the amount I can save for a year without buying bottled water at all.

You can try it.It has pure Vitamin C.

Alternative For Flowers For Tables

It's been a week a ran out of flowers. Every time I went to Safeway to buy my carnation flowers the bucket is empty. Of course, I love putting something on my tables, anything that can make the home alive and warm, anything that can accentuate my tables. Here's my simple solution. I like playing around my collections of big and small sizes of glasses like i have in the pictures as you could see it.The bottom one is a recycled glass from a candy filled jar.The tall one, I bought it at the Thrift Store for 99cents only.

Yesterday, when we arrived  home from the grocery, I had a hard time looking for something where I could put my orange fruit.I remember my big tall glass is empty.So,I went to my front yard and harvest my green unripe oranges and put it at the bottom of the glass. Then I placed the ripe oranges on top of the green unripe oranges which i will be using for  my tap  water in the glass pitcher later with ice.

It's simple, but it accentuate the table.It gives freshness around the dining area.Additional tip, for beautifying your table.You dont need to buy new things to do it. Those crystal candle holder and the candles were bought at the Thrift Stores. It's really cheap, doesn't hurt your pocket, that if you really want to do something at your home, and your budget is too tight.If you have no budget at all to buy, try to play around whatever is in your house, I know you can find one.

The wide big glass at the bottom, I placed it at my kitchen close to the wall, and it adds freshness too in my kitchen.

This is just some simple alternative.