Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Encouragement Today

May you be filled with comfort, and love no matter what you are going through. I know there are many people around you that cares about you. God cares about you. God will never leave you or forsake you. God is the God of promise and He fulfill what He promise.

I pray that God will bless your life with comfort, favor, release from any burden in life, a new life, may God bless you with miracles!

Don't lose hope, God is our hope. He gives us life everlasting, and He is a God of chances, and He can give us a new life...we just need to be willing and be open to Him.

Last, whatever faith we have inside us, may you have a blessed day! ~ never give up!~

April Rain

It's School Spring Break and this week is just a week where rain is pouring freely, hoping the sun to shine, but not until Saturday or Sunday. I decided to feel cozy in our couch and read books, rest, or read something interesting in the internet. Last night I went to SBA website and had an online training about Starting a Business. So, it's a good way to learn about money matters that helps you to become productive in handling your finances.

It's cold and cloudy outside,yet you will see God's beauty of His own nature, God is beautiful. I thank God that even if my spring break is full of rain but God has made a way for me to be creative in my own way like reading books, write stories for kids, write on my blog, spend time with my kids, my kids love being home, so this is their best time to be home, organizing things, and more!

Lastly, sometimes rain is good because it makes you stay at home and see that you have a lot to do inside your place.


Good morning everybody! I just want to encourage everyone to stay happy and keep smiling! Whatever things or problems we may be facing in life...I believe God has given us the grace to overcome it all.Also, sometimes the problem does not go disappear right takes time...and it push us to give up.Just hang on there!!! Do not be afraid, God is your on your side and God will deliver you.

May you have a great and blessful day! If you need to be prayed are free to list your prayer request so I can extend a prayer or encouragement TO YOU EVEN IN SIMPLE WAYS on my next blog. Again, GOD BLESS!!!