Monday, September 12, 2011


Writing is my way of expressing who I am, what I feel, My opinion, or encouragement, hoping to inspire people in different way. It seems that my time in blogging is thwarted by other reasonable priority in life.I miss writing in my own blog...naturally on what I face at the moment either new challenges, or victory, or faith about something, or hope for the future...

Teaching makes me busy this time, I love being with kids.It's a kind of environment that I can't resist, instead...I give my time and effort into it.Especially,  now that my kids are with me at School,being inspired of working drives me more because of my kids. My own children's presence takes my tiredness away,easier to check  and communicate with them at School.Monitoring my kids performance is very convenient for me.

Yes, blogging for me is not for money making,though I get some offers, blogging is just writing about me and it uplift my spirit, it takes my breath away, after writing...making me feel better!That's why i miss my blog!...I know.