Friday, June 15, 2012


Why Kimber Hills Academy

Kimber Hills Academy provides five key benefits to our students and their parents:

Open Minds. At Kimber Hills Academy, your child will learn to open their mind and let loose their imagination so that they may fearlessly explore new and diverse subjects, unexpectedly discover talents hidden within themselves, quickly adapt to new technology, and compassionately relate to all of God’s creations, no matter how different or how unloved.
Ready, Confident Students. Armed with a strong and well-rounded academic foundation, a first-hand knowledge of contemporary technology, and a disciplined approach to learning, your child will leave Kimber Hills Academy ready and confident to compete and succeed in high school.
Managed Class Sizes. We carefully manage the number of students in each Kimber Hills Academy class to ensure that every child receives the personal care they deserve, not only to enhance their learning, but to also reinforce and celebrate their individual successes.
Proactive Communication. We are our parents’ best partners in the successful education of their children, and while we respect the many personal and professional demands on a parent’s time, we will continually and proactively communicate with Kimber Hills Academy parents to collaborate on their student’s challenges and delight in their student’s triumphs.
Christian Values. As a Christian school, God is made present in Kimber Hills Academy’s classrooms, our hallways and in our schoolyard so that students of all religious backgrounds might benefit from learning and living Christian values.

The Key Benefits of choosing Kimber Hills Academy are:

Introducing New Technologies Our leadership and faculty incorporate consumer and business technologies into the everyday learning environment so that students can continuously utilize and master the commonplace tools and breakthrough innovations reshaping their world.
Working as a Community Working together as part of a collaborative, school-wide community, our expert, caring faculty devote themselves every day to engaging, understanding, nurturing, motivating, and growing each student.
Facilitating Interactive Learning Our faculty immerses students into the lessons of the day, transforming classroom learning into an interactive experience where the seeds of love, compassion, creativity and confidence are planted every single day into every one of our students.
Applying Discipline Our faculty is consistent and unbiased in applying firm but constructive discipline to all students of every grade level in order to maintain a safe, open-minded and bully-free learning environment.
Reaching Students Through Educational Therapy Our onsite team of educational therapists works closely with individual students and their families to identify and address select learning challenges so that each student may reach their individual, God-given potential.