Thursday, December 18, 2014


Today is Thursday, the sun is shinning! yesterday was raining hard here in California.
We are hoping for more rain this coming months or so, due to couple of years drought.
I love the rain, but I feel sad for those places, Cities, that were hit badly by the typhoon lately,with the hard rain and strong wind. It caused a bad landslide, overflowing of riverbanks, that may have cause houses, buildings to get flooded, and even electrical outage. We just had a hard rain, yet we still need more rain!

May we have a good Friday, where it's our first day of holiday at work.May we have a good holiday with families and friends. I am looking forward to cook more, bake, do crochet, re-arranged our place and most of all, spending time with my family. I just love being with my family...especially it's holiday season! I can't wait to make hot chocolate or my kiddos would make me chocolate and how sweet is that?

Also, I am slowly writing on my blog for little children. I am doing it one step at a time, and so far I am having fun with my blog. I am happy that I have my blog because it really helps me pour out what's in my mind...either I write often or not, but this blog, is more than a counselor and a best friend for me! Once I start writing, I would feel some good relief, or joy, or even peace...there is something in writing anything inside your human brain...that releases comfort and a feeling accomplishment after I write. I wish I am an excellent writer. But, my goal is to share my feelings, thoughts, experiences, and somehow, encourage others out of my own share of experience or ideas...

So, it's Thursday and today is a good day here in California!