Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Hope - is Working Right!

This morning, when I was sitting in our couch and looking at the trees outside waving, dancing, in the breezey wind I found peace that passeth understanding.God just comforts me, and told to me rest everything in His hands.There was an assurance, there was hope that I felt inside of me.I just continue praising Him, thanking Him for the day, and just trusting Him everything that He should be done for me.I felt myelf uplifted and the peace and assurance, I couldn't describe.

Then, something  great happened today. I mentioned couple of days ago, I have been hoping for this job to get.Full time job is hard to find, I have been subbinng for a year now.The School that I applied for a job is still a sub- position, though there is an assurance for full time teaching position by summer or fall.Then early this afternoon, the Director called me and said that they will need a part-time job (30 hrs each), I maybe interested instead of just a substitute.So, I said, " that's a blessing!!!". After that, she set an interview tomorrow in the afternoon.

Still, my hope is in the Lord.The best thing is, with this job application, as i go through the process, I have never push myself too hard, instead, God just move His hands in the situition, and touch their hearts for me. Hearing from them today, is a great progress!!!

Indeed, my hope-is working right!!! I will keep moving with God's grace...as I thank Him today!!!Thank you Lord!!!