Thursday, January 12, 2017

Little Things Matter

Little things matter … I never bought any cosmetics this Christmas. I prioritized the needs of my kids because last Christmas of 2015, my mom was so sick and all our budget went to her hospitalization. This Christmas of 2016, I said I will prioritize my kids. I don’t mind if I won’t get anything for I know they have basic needs.

In our little heart’s desire…God has seen it. Last month, I dropped my last left over of my mac face powder given to me by my friend. One day, the grandma of the child that I have been watching for 5 years ( only on weekends or holidays ), dropped off her gift to me. And so I was surprised to get Dior cosmetics, and Estee lauder. How great is that! Awesome! Little things matter to God because He loves you and me…He knows our hearts more than anybody else…more to share about this topic in the coming days...