Friday, January 14, 2011

I Dream A Dream - Susan Boyle

I remember 10 years ago, I had a voice lesson, for a year and it was worth the try.I learned, It adds more talent on my part-thank God!  One of the songs that i sung was, I Dream a Dream, until now that song really lingers in my ears, my heart, and I wish I could sing that song again. My voice lesson coach is really good.Thanks to Bernard Mabao, who patiently,trained my voice to sing the right way.If not because of him...I couldn't sing better this time.So, try this CD from Susan Boyles' " I Dream A Dream.

Praying While Walking

This morning at the Soccer Field in my child's School, I made sure to thank God and pray to Him, and tell Him  the things that I long to say, either about myself, my kids, my hubby,my home, my job, my exam, everything that i could remember i tried to open it up to God. I know He's the source of all provisions, and solution of all our burdens, and He's all the reason of all our victories in life too.

I was happy to see quite detail of the trees where leaves are already dead and about to fall, some are colored brown, some are yellow still.The sun, was shining but not enough to brighten the 8:30am.where there are some days that at this time, sunshine has reach its race farther towards the ends of the Hills, and reflecting the glass windows. It's a beautiful morning.

Each day the beauty of nature is different, unique.Only God can create its uniqueness of that is beyond description.

Indeed, praying while walking was worth it, because i poured out my feelings to God without hesitation and doubt.Rest assured God heard my outpouring and He feels me.

God bless me, God bless you in my coffee table today!!!