Saturday, August 6, 2016

Visit my Online Store at Poshmark : @thriftshoppe

I have been selling at Poshmark since January 2016. But I have been listing more items for the past two months. Poshmark has given me some hope when all else failed 3 months ago. God has provided me a new diversion from anything else and this has become a great outlet for me from a tiring day or week from work or home. I love selling online. The best thing about Poshmark is the virtual community even if you don't see each other as entrepreneur it has been trying to connect all of you together through gatherings and party online by sharing your items. I love the inspiring worlds Poshmark would send us daily like "stay humble." As simple as that would lit up your day. I will share more about my experience in Poshmark soon. For now please visit my store : @thriftshoppe
at Poshmark app or website. Have a great day everyone! It's nice to be back again in my lifeblog.God bless!