Thursday, September 18, 2014

Search for Teacher's websites for Ideas and Strategies on Classroom Arrangement,Structure,Activity & Organization

Here are my lists of Teacher's websites for Ideas and Classroom Arrangement,Structure,Activity & Organization : 

When I found this blog, for Pre-K  I was impressed by the detail of her blog site. The blogger is a professional teacher. She has a complete list of blog topics that I have been searching for such as : Literacy,Math,Science, Art, & Music, Fine motor activities.She also has different themes in the way she writes her blog, which means she is also very creative in writing. One of her example was Beginning School Families, Community Helpers, Transportation, and more, which is a relevant curriculum. Also, I like her classroom ideas: The teaching tips, assessment, centers, and tech for teachers, which I believe this talks more about classroom management, organization, as well as assessment.She offers printable assessment too. 

This teacher preschool blog, I have been following this blog on Facebook for quite sometime now. Whatever new caption she posted, it always encourage me as a teacher to be on the right track with the students. The owner of the blog is a professional teacher. I like the theme of this blog, " Promoting Excellence in Early Childhood Education." On her daily blog, Deborah promotes a " hands on " experience with kids. I appreciate her philosophy of learning that " learning is a life long process ," to which she continue to educate, herself through research, gathering data, by doing it in her own studio named : The Children's Studio. It is where she will do her personal activities with her students. Then, whatever is their activity she will write it on her blog. Also, she is an author. Her blog is authentic and credible. I can find topics that my class is currently learning, like classroom management, organization, strategies. In her blog, you can see her studio for kids learning that is so beautiful, the furniture are neatly arrange and organized and I love it! I follow her activities almost everyday.

Next is for the Kindergarten. 

I like her blog because she is up to date with the latest technology. She also, has tutorials that shares her knowledge to teachers who are willing to blog and get some ideas on what to do in class in particular. I have been blogging in my personal blog since 2009, but still I am always eager to learn more new topics to write even for my own advancement, hobby, or simply to express my personal ideas about teaching or about life in general. Also, she is a professional Kindergarten teacher with Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

She is up to date with her blog. Now that it's the beginning of the school year, she shared about circle time, the use of calendar of the year. She also has video clips in her blog which I like.

While browsing her blog she has written a lot of interesting topics that applies to my class discussion ( I am a student by the way). Last September 22nd, 2013...she blog about her new classroom design, arrangement of furniture, which I love the way it was decorated, arranged, and painted. She posted a lot of pictures in order for viewers to see it. Her classroom was simply amazing! I was inspired by her creativity. Most importantly, since I like library, I do appreciate her library! it was very organized, yet simplified where she blog about it last May 3rd, 2014. Her way of arranging the classroom is with a theme of colors, with creativity, so inviting for students to learn. There was a sense of being " welcome! " in the classroom.

Last, is....

I believe this blog is out there in  awhile now the fact that the blogger has a lot of followers already. I am impressed of her current blog. She has colorful tables in her classroom which I love! With her activity about Clifford the Big Red Dog was so organized and neatly done by students, since I saw it with pictures. She was putting all materials on the tables in organize way. The fonts that she used in her papers are perfect for the students to read it well especially for first graders.

Browsing as well as reading her blogs she is obviously an organized and detailed type of a teacher at the same time very neat. I like her blog writings. As I was checking her archive topics and read some of it, well, she has such a good ideas about teaching strategy.She has has collections of teachers who are bloggers too, in her own website, that I plan to follow soon. Her blog is inspiring, encouraging to other teachers like me who desire to blog more about teaching.

Her blog composes about management, arrangement, organization, and topics of the classroom that she may currently be teaching by the time she was writing it. Since her blog has many followers, which means her blog is well establish already which I would consider to follow and recommend as well. Her blog has a very good rating as well as her product being produced. Her website is well designed, friendly, and inviting in my own opinion.