Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Praise God! It's a Sunny Day

It's sunny today yeeeey! Thank God for the sunny day! I miss the sunny day like more springy feeling, though winter cold is good too and warm blankets are there to keep me warm,but seeing a bright beautiful day is different too! It would make your day brighter and full of smile!

Walking is a great idea today.Spending breakfast with a friend is also good since it's my Spring break from work.Praise God we are paid on our one week School spring break.My birthday is coming too,I'm so excited because my hubby is here with me.

Watching the royal upcoming wedding updates is quite interesting, and I watch it everyday in the news.It would definitely be part of the world history as part the biggest and most beautiful wedding or one of the most beautiful and awaited wedding!I love watching the beauty of England even just on the TV....one day I will be there.

Well,I'm enjoying my sunny day...and more on my entrepreneurship later hoping to sell more items, and most of all be with my kids just have fun for this blessful bright sunny day!