Thursday, December 18, 2014


Today is Thursday, the sun is shinning! yesterday was raining hard here in California.
We are hoping for more rain this coming months or so, due to couple of years drought.
I love the rain, but I feel sad for those places, Cities, that were hit badly by the typhoon lately,with the hard rain and strong wind. It caused a bad landslide, overflowing of riverbanks, that may have cause houses, buildings to get flooded, and even electrical outage. We just had a hard rain, yet we still need more rain!

May we have a good Friday, where it's our first day of holiday at work.May we have a good holiday with families and friends. I am looking forward to cook more, bake, do crochet, re-arranged our place and most of all, spending time with my family. I just love being with my family...especially it's holiday season! I can't wait to make hot chocolate or my kiddos would make me chocolate and how sweet is that?

Also, I am slowly writing on my blog for little children. I am doing it one step at a time, and so far I am having fun with my blog. I am happy that I have my blog because it really helps me pour out what's in my mind...either I write often or not, but this blog, is more than a counselor and a best friend for me! Once I start writing, I would feel some good relief, or joy, or even peace...there is something in writing anything inside your human brain...that releases comfort and a feeling accomplishment after I write. I wish I am an excellent writer. But, my goal is to share my feelings, thoughts, experiences, and somehow, encourage others out of my own share of experience or ideas...

So, it's Thursday and today is a good day here in California! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Flower in the Rain

May is the month where flowers bloom...
Flowers make me smile, 
Flowers gives me a brighter day.
The smell of a flower like rose, is romantic, and refreshing.

It feels like heaven whenever I have flowers in my vase...
There is something with flowers that makes me feel happy, and uplifted.
Fall starts to rain, and flowers starts to fade its color, it eventually die...
Even when flowers die, I saw them on the ground while it's raining, still flowers lit up myself.

I remember playing flowers in the rain when I was a little girl, we made it a crown,
or we made it an oil, or fresh perfume our of its juice
Flowers touch my my heart and soul, I wish I have bunch of flowers every single day 
flowers gives me a sunny day in the midst of fall and winter season.

Well for mow, I see flower fallen on the ground, and I call them 
flowers in the rain...I see them afloat on water but, I all I know flowers will flourish again on spring
and of of course bloom and blossom on May!
I still love watching those flowers in the rain.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas! I can't wait to enjoy our two weeks vacation from School.
What are your plans these holidays? are you done with your Christmas tree? this is my first time to explore using artss and craft (to recycle tissue papers) and make it as my ornaments. I am partly done, hopefully tonight it will be finished. I will also place the cards whom the parents in my class gave me since.I have some collections of cards. The nice thing that I like with my idea of making the ornaments is that, I let my girls help me make those decorations and that's without perfection in making it. I want it to look more fun, homey, and more meaningful to the kids. Also, I will recycle those decorations during spring season.

Another plan, will be baking. I plan to bake more. Cooking during holidays is one of the routine that I have been doing since my kids were little, so they already expect me to cook,set up the table, and of course...the hot chocolate, the quilted white/red blankets, are ready in our cozy size couch to watch our favorite classic Christmas movies. This time, I am doing my "basic" crochet ...I would crochet a beanie,  a red crochet glass/cup holder, and a red crochet bow for spoon and fork, for Christmas Eve.I can't wait to play some board games, with my kids, cook and bake with them as well. This is the time that I want to make this Christmas.

What else, I will make and send letters and handmade picture album, poems, for my family in the Philippines. Maybe after Christmas, we would have joy ride around the City to watch Christmas lights, feel and touch the snow. All I want is simple...simple spending time with my family, and rest ...take time to rest in the presence of God...maybe write a journal while meditating His goodness and faithfulness in our lives through the years.

Last, if I would have extra time...a little time to re-arrange and organize some stuff at home, definitely throw some stuff away which are not necessary  anymore! and...of course...sending a balikbayan box to the my family in the Philippines is part of my holiday lists!I hope all of us will have a Merry Christmas!

Goodnight World

The night is so quiet, I can only hear the clock ticking, telling me to go to sleep. 
Last night the rain was pouring where the sound was soothing to my soul, the pouring rain refreshed me from within.I slept earlier last night than tonight.Tonight is quieter...
It's nice to be in quiet mode, and quiet surrounding, only late at night.
In the morning, the noise starts to bug you to wake up and start working all day long!
When the day is done, your body is worn out and ready to rest...

I think more and be more creative at night time, 
But, tonight I need to go to sleep. It's not night time, nor midnight's past midnight where most people are sound asleep.
I just appreciate the quietness.
When I was a little girl, I remember there were times of the day where, the surroundings were quite, or maybe I could only hear the birds chirping, or the sound of a rooster.
I could still hear the sound of the wind slowly blowing, as I smell the fresh leaves, flowers,after the rain.
Now, all day hear all kinds of sounds/noise...where it's harder to be in quiet moment.
Quiet moment is now a choice, not run by time itself unlike when I was a little girl.

So far, I love the quietness tonight...tomorrow will be another day to work in this bustling world.
I am happy to hear nothing except  my ticking clock.
God will give us another beautiful day to live despite this busy world...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


At work I found a friend, she's bubbly, humorous, funny, she makes you laugh at all times!
When we work together we have no dull moments...we can create any funny scenarios that can brighten our day as we work with little kids.
There are times we send each other messages to give us a heads up of what to expect in class, or just check if I am fine and likewise.
She is such a blessing to work with...I am bless to have a partner who is smart, thoughtful, and very helpful.

These past few days I just need an encouragement, and my friend is been there until I feel better. I couldn't wait to send her a thank you note last night before I went let her know that is important and valued.
Good friendship either at work, outside work, needs to be nurtured, and be respected, both friends.
Having someone to listen to you, unexpectedly, someone would check if you're fine is very touching.
The world is so busy with work and extra activities here and there, but true friendship that is simple, in just simply being there to listen, stand up with you, encourage you, love you , concern about your well being, for me in these priceless!

May she be blessed in her life more abundantly, may she find God's favor all her life.I want to see my friend prosper in a good way for I know that she would be a great blessing to many. Cheering me up yesterday at work and allowing me to see myself deeply sad of life's circumstance...her reminder to cheer up, was an awesome way to tell me...that "smile because the world is smiling with you!"

Friendship is a gift.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Mother

A mother is precious woman who sacrifice herself to give birth and willing to commit to do her responsibility to raise up her child for the rest of her life. From the time a woman is pregnant she starts having discomfort of her own body, either she would have a good appetite to eat to not, she would have morning sickness, starts having sleepless nights, her body would dramatically change. With that sudden change of her whole being, lifestyle, and her whole being of what we called "life"... for her she treasures it for the love of her child.

A mother would choose either to go back to workforce or being a stay home mom. For me either way. A mother would work so hard for the child, for the whole household, as well as taking care of her husband. It's a countless responsibilities to do, to make things work at home. A mother learns to give up a lot of stuff, priorities, that she can do for herself just to meet each and every need of the family to help her husband.

A mother has spent more time with friends before the baby was born. She has spent time building friendships, working day and night, and doing all the household chores when coming home from work.She would even have more time with her hubby dating. A mother can extend doing what she desire to do to progress herself at work, at home,and in the community. When a child is born, some of these that are mentioned are being set aside at the corner for a while. Her priorities has completely changed. All for the child, and for the household.

Her focus and motivation to work harder is her family. She gave up her special time for herself just to meet the very need of her child. She enjoyed every minute and second being with her child. The child is precious to raise up. It's a choice and a lifetime commitment to become a parent. That's where beauty comes. Seeing a mother's child grow, blossom, and reach his/her potential, is a mother's joy. The joy of a mother is to see her child succeed in life!- if not,  the beauty of a mother is being there when their child fails. A mother never gives up for her matter what!

Friday, December 5, 2014

What YOU get from being kind at Work?

I always bring my smile with me at work no matter what...

I dress up the best way I can...

I avoid gossiping at work...

I am always happy and share the happiness with my co-workers...

I try to be kind at all times...

I do love my co-workers...

I let go the none sense little issue, that will not benefit my growth as a person...

I try to be thoughtful...

I try to share what I have...

When I experience sadness, because of family matters, most of my co-workers are there supporting me with

smile, encouragement,prayers, giving me a cup of coffee, or sharing with me their  home

made yummy lunch, checking on you if you're alright. These simple act of kindness would simply encourage

you and make your day even brighter.

These are just few kind actions that I love to share wherever I go...little things and little act of kindness

means a lot!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sunny Side of Life

Life can be sad, happy, painful, but life can have a sunny side whenever I try to think that there is...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Search for Teacher's websites for Ideas and Strategies on Classroom Arrangement,Structure,Activity & Organization

Here are my lists of Teacher's websites for Ideas and Classroom Arrangement,Structure,Activity & Organization : 

When I found this blog, for Pre-K  I was impressed by the detail of her blog site. The blogger is a professional teacher. She has a complete list of blog topics that I have been searching for such as : Literacy,Math,Science, Art, & Music, Fine motor activities.She also has different themes in the way she writes her blog, which means she is also very creative in writing. One of her example was Beginning School Families, Community Helpers, Transportation, and more, which is a relevant curriculum. Also, I like her classroom ideas: The teaching tips, assessment, centers, and tech for teachers, which I believe this talks more about classroom management, organization, as well as assessment.She offers printable assessment too. 

This teacher preschool blog, I have been following this blog on Facebook for quite sometime now. Whatever new caption she posted, it always encourage me as a teacher to be on the right track with the students. The owner of the blog is a professional teacher. I like the theme of this blog, " Promoting Excellence in Early Childhood Education." On her daily blog, Deborah promotes a " hands on " experience with kids. I appreciate her philosophy of learning that " learning is a life long process ," to which she continue to educate, herself through research, gathering data, by doing it in her own studio named : The Children's Studio. It is where she will do her personal activities with her students. Then, whatever is their activity she will write it on her blog. Also, she is an author. Her blog is authentic and credible. I can find topics that my class is currently learning, like classroom management, organization, strategies. In her blog, you can see her studio for kids learning that is so beautiful, the furniture are neatly arrange and organized and I love it! I follow her activities almost everyday.

Next is for the Kindergarten. 

I like her blog because she is up to date with the latest technology. She also, has tutorials that shares her knowledge to teachers who are willing to blog and get some ideas on what to do in class in particular. I have been blogging in my personal blog since 2009, but still I am always eager to learn more new topics to write even for my own advancement, hobby, or simply to express my personal ideas about teaching or about life in general. Also, she is a professional Kindergarten teacher with Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

She is up to date with her blog. Now that it's the beginning of the school year, she shared about circle time, the use of calendar of the year. She also has video clips in her blog which I like.

While browsing her blog she has written a lot of interesting topics that applies to my class discussion ( I am a student by the way). Last September 22nd, 2013...she blog about her new classroom design, arrangement of furniture, which I love the way it was decorated, arranged, and painted. She posted a lot of pictures in order for viewers to see it. Her classroom was simply amazing! I was inspired by her creativity. Most importantly, since I like library, I do appreciate her library! it was very organized, yet simplified where she blog about it last May 3rd, 2014. Her way of arranging the classroom is with a theme of colors, with creativity, so inviting for students to learn. There was a sense of being " welcome! " in the classroom.

Last, is....

I believe this blog is out there in  awhile now the fact that the blogger has a lot of followers already. I am impressed of her current blog. She has colorful tables in her classroom which I love! With her activity about Clifford the Big Red Dog was so organized and neatly done by students, since I saw it with pictures. She was putting all materials on the tables in organize way. The fonts that she used in her papers are perfect for the students to read it well especially for first graders.

Browsing as well as reading her blogs she is obviously an organized and detailed type of a teacher at the same time very neat. I like her blog writings. As I was checking her archive topics and read some of it, well, she has such a good ideas about teaching strategy.She has has collections of teachers who are bloggers too, in her own website, that I plan to follow soon. Her blog is inspiring, encouraging to other teachers like me who desire to blog more about teaching.

Her blog composes about management, arrangement, organization, and topics of the classroom that she may currently be teaching by the time she was writing it. Since her blog has many followers, which means her blog is well establish already which I would consider to follow and recommend as well. Her blog has a very good rating as well as her product being produced. Her website is well designed, friendly, and inviting in my own opinion.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Continuing Education

Last year of November 2013, I decided to take Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. I thought of making use of time, while the kids are young, maximizing my time to learn more. Getting an M.A. here in the States, is hard because of the fact that I have a family and doing all responsibilities at home is the primary priority.

However, opportunity comes. I realized one day that maybe taking a step, one at a time would be possible. So, I tried. I consulted a University and inquire about online class and all the school requirements for admission. Eventually, I become a student for the second time aside from getting my B.A. 16 years ago.

Making adjustments of priorities, sacrificing some things that I love to do, setting aside things that may not be relevant at the moment makes the online class less stressful and easy. In fact, going back to school have taught me to mainly do things that are important so I can maximize my time doing on what is relevant, priority, in my daily life.

I choose to invest in education, in furthering my knowledge about teaching as well as it gives me a better personal development. Studying myself made me influence my own kids to study too. They learn to collaborate in our household chores, it teaches them to take of their mom and dad too, aside from us taking good care of them.One of my daughters made coffee for me.When I study my two girls are beside me, no matter what they, or read, but they are with me. They learn to be thoughtful. They ask me if I do great in my class. My son, always check if I pass in finals or not.When they ask about my performance, it gives me an opportunity to tell them how important, education is to anyone.

Last, I make sure, that when final test is done...I do make a time with them...a special treat, special moment...we celebrate every subject that I pass. I believe now, my kids have learned, that learning, is important. A great investment to oneself though it requires a sacrifice. But when you are done ...nobody in the world can take away what you have achieved. It's the only investment that will not be bought by any amount of money. Education will bring you a great future!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life is Good

As a mom, of three kids everyday is busy taking care of your hubby, taking care of the kids activities like basketball, piano, and so on. I work as teacher Aide and a Basic Music Teacher and at night I am an online student finishing my Master's Degree of Education pretty soon. I always experience a hectic schedule. On the other note, life is good! Family is the one that spice up our daily routine, no matter how busy we are, even when we end up having a bad day... I try to be positive, that life is good! There is always another day of sunshine. At the end of the day, I have a choice to ponder, compose myself, relax, take a deep breath and simply thankful for whatever in stored.

Life is good, because we have an opportunity to grow each day. We have an opportunity to make our choices right. We are still breathing, our family is in tact, healthy, happy. We may just have enough in our hands but life is good! I m thankful of my job, my hubby,my kids,friends,families,my spiritual life, I am thankful in every bit of God's blessing.

Life is good, be of good courage. By grace, God can make things better every single day. He will turn our trials into strength that makes us soar high like an eagle. God intends ourselves to become warriors, in life's battle. Cheer up, God love's you! Whatever faith or life you are having right" Life is Good."

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Make Reading a Habit

I am not a consistent reader, but I read every now and then. Reading relaxes me. It gives me insights, encouragement in life. When I need a new idea, I look for something that I can read. Reading gives you healing, sometimes, it becomes your friend, a hobby...and when you start reading the story that you don't want to let go your will finish it instead.

This time I am reading a book about " The Slight Edge " which encourage you to mold, sharpen yourself first, and do a good habit one day at a will become a big progress overtime. It's easier to progress our life when we develop a good personal habits. I like the book and I almost done reading it. The author Jeff Olson, mentioned some great books for personal development that I already read. So, the book is relatable to me as well.

Making it a habit to read can be a good hobby, and it develops your reading skills and language skills too in the long run. Read one day and even few pages at a time, then you will realize that you have been reading all the time.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Morning Date with my Friend

I slept late last night because it's spring break in our school. I like to watch movies when it's holiday or spring break, just to relax and unwind myself. I read books too for me to be encouraged in other aspect in life. So, I had fun and I slept at 3 in the morning today.Then, a friend of mine Irene, came and invited me to have a coffee at Starbucks before she left to her yoga class.

It was a short morning date,but worth it.It's a good way to keep in touch despite the busy schedule of my nurse friend.I simply love coffee dates, it's a simple joy for me to keep in touch with my love one's and friends.I am wondering if I would go back to take a nap later in the afternoon, because I only sleep for couple of hours.

Also, I am excited to do my new morning weight lifting and bike mode work out hoping it would prevent my migraine as I go along doing this in daily routine from now on even just for 30-1 hour a day or every other day.It's my goal to maintain my weight due to my scoliosis as well, at the same time, regardless of your structure I believe it's necessary to work out or take a walk, bike,or running, whatever works best for you to help keep your body healthy. Now, that the pace in life is faster than before, I realize that a regular walk or bike, or run, is good for ones health.I am not strict to my time of doing it in terms of "time/minutes". I started from 5-10 minutes, then, 15 minutes and so on. If I feel like doing it again for 5-10 minutes, I will do it, because, I rather choose to do it than not doing it at all. I follow my own way of doing it in a way that is comfortable to me, which makes me happy.

Though, my coffee with my friend is short, but I know she is having fun doing her yoga right now. I hope she will reach her goal of becoming more active and healthier is her lifestyle. The utmost goal of working out for me is not losing weight, it's the endurance of doing it, and becoming healthier person in the long run, as well as making it a part of your life.That is where I failed at some point of the year especially, during winter time.However, the quotation in life " the winner never quits but the quitter never wins" is applicable to keep on moving forward in working out (walk,run,bike...) until it will become a part of my lifestyle.It gives us a possibility to live a healthier and longer life, isn't it?

So, join me in taking time to walk, or bike mode in the gym,or run if you want, bike if you can, by taking it one day at time,hoping my migraine is prevented by doing this, maintaining good health, and making it as your additional hobby or outlet, or skill.

Part - time job, Student, Mom,Wife

It has been my long desire to have the opportunity to be able to finish my Master's Degree of Education.The time has come and I have been enjoying it.Also, I work as part time teacher assistant in the toddlers class for almost a year now. Sometimes, I miss working as a preschool teacher in the classroom. However, I need to focus in my class as well. I can't afford to fail. Tuition fee is way too expensive.

Aside from being a wife, taking care of my three kids is my priority. Kids grow up so fast. I could not believe my eldest son is already 13 years old. I guess guiding a teen age child is harder than watching a toddler. Being with my kids after school is my choice, and I like it at this time,knowing that one day kids will be on their own,at the same time, situation is a giving me a choice. At home, since I work part -time, at the same time studying, though I like to cook yet I drop the rule of cooking everyday. When I have long assignments and reading then, I just try to reheat the food in the microwave.I compromise my cooking schedule.I am not a good cook,but I cook.

Another is...since I am working part time, I gave up most of my wants, to avoid being over drop in our monthly budget.With my hubby, I never demand any thing that is beyond what he can provide.I am satisfied with spending time with him such as drinking coffee together at our table or balcony, or sometimes, he invite me to watch a movie with him or drink coffee with at Starbucks and I feel good with that.

Furthermore, sending a child to after school program here in the States, in quite expensive,that is why working part-time works best for me.I am hoping to finish my Master's Class next year 2015, God willing.I am trying my very best to study, and try to keep my momentum, as well as finding ways to give myself a little break, that is why going back to my blog is one thing that I thought of. This might be a good way to develop any concept of writing that I need to write every time I have an assignment.Online class needs focus on reading and more writing.I know this will help me relax when I need to pace myself from my class.

Part time job,student,mom,wife, is good but it needs full determination to focus and keep the momentum to study aside from doing the household responsibility. It is a choice that you make.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Daniel sings!

When Daniel was about 18 months old, I could hear her humming.She does it until now especially when doing her homework. She is a gifted girl with a beautiful voice. Also, I want her to enjoy her childhood,because childhood would come one's then all you  know they are all grown up.I like it when Daniel sings at home because it gives me and her a time together. She is a quiet little girl in our home. I hope Daniel can  sing more songs that she love's to sing.