Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Mother

A mother is precious woman who sacrifice herself to give birth and willing to commit to do her responsibility to raise up her child for the rest of her life. From the time a woman is pregnant she starts having discomfort of her own body, either she would have a good appetite to eat to not, she would have morning sickness, starts having sleepless nights, her body would dramatically change. With that sudden change of her whole being, lifestyle, and her whole being of what we called "life"... for her she treasures it for the love of her child.

A mother would choose either to go back to workforce or being a stay home mom. For me either way. A mother would work so hard for the child, for the whole household, as well as taking care of her husband. It's a countless responsibilities to do, to make things work at home. A mother learns to give up a lot of stuff, priorities, that she can do for herself just to meet each and every need of the family to help her husband.

A mother has spent more time with friends before the baby was born. She has spent time building friendships, working day and night, and doing all the household chores when coming home from work.She would even have more time with her hubby dating. A mother can extend doing what she desire to do to progress herself at work, at home,and in the community. When a child is born, some of these that are mentioned are being set aside at the corner for a while. Her priorities has completely changed. All for the child, and for the household.

Her focus and motivation to work harder is her family. She gave up her special time for herself just to meet the very need of her child. She enjoyed every minute and second being with her child. The child is precious to raise up. It's a choice and a lifetime commitment to become a parent. That's where beauty comes. Seeing a mother's child grow, blossom, and reach his/her potential, is a mother's joy. The joy of a mother is to see her child succeed in life!- if not,  the beauty of a mother is being there when their child fails. A mother never gives up for her child...no matter what!

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