Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beautiful Morning!

I was walking 30 minutes at a soccer field,the beauty of God's nature is awesomely filled.
With God's glory, enough to give me a beautiful day
Beautiful morning,  it invites you to thank God of His goodness
 you will see His kindness.
In your life,He is faithful, to make your daily life beautiful
God is true, He will never be untrue to you
If you will just try to see the glimpse of morning glory
You will really appreciate God's beauty
He just want you to have a beautiful morning glory!

So,  give Him a try in your morning walk
or while you're driving in the morning for work
see the sunrise, or see the snow,nobody knows  how to create that snow
except God, no one can create a morning sun
our day has just begun
Beautiful Morning God has created
It's up to us to  give a shot of glimpse and see His true beauty
When we see it, our day would just be as beauiful
like the lily of the valley.
Beautiful morning!
it makes my heart sing!