Saturday, February 5, 2011


I read once, about a dermatologist expert, whom he wrote one of his recommendations for skin care, though at that time I already have used this kind of product.It's called ROC RETINOL correction Deep Wrinkle Night Cream Tube.I have been using this for 3 years now.It really work in my face really good.I use it day and Night.You should try. There's a peeling off effect but it's not noticeable. Try it, this may work on you.

Valentine Gift- Sterling S. Marcasite & Garnet colored Glass Heart Pendant

This neclace for me is a romantic one for Valentine's day gift.The glass colored heart pendant looks lovely and attractive too. The price is practical.It's not that expensive.I just love it!!!

Mac Russian Red Lipstick-My Red Collection Lipstick

This is one of my best Matt red color lipstick collection from Mac.It last longer even last throughout the day. try it, and you will love it!!!


Last month my hubby asked me if I still have perfume available for myself. I said, i only have body mist spray due to my migraine.Body mist is quite lighter in smell.But my hubby brought me seriously to the Mall at Macy's.It was really him who picked the right perfume.So,he picked MIRACLE perfume by Lancome.Indeed, it really smell awesome, captivating and alluring!!! this is one of Lancome's best selling perfumes.

Jungle Red Set

I love to wear red! I just love it! For me It just matches in any color of my attire for the day, from head to foot.I have a red bag, red wallet, red lipstick, red nail polish. lovely and attractive.The best thing with red  lipstick is that, it looks great even if you don't put blush or any make up on.So, now I found this Jungle Red set of nail polish, lip liner, and lipstick for NARS!!!

Bose Headphones

Bose Headphone is my hubby's desire to have in front of his computer.This Bose is just soothing, quiet, different from all other headphones.One day last year it was December we went to Valley Fair just window shopping,looking for numerous people shopping for christmas gifts.My hubby loved to go to Bose store and just listening to music and trying the headphones on.It's really great to have one.This should be my birthday gift for him on his 50th birthday.


If I were to choose the best comfortable Boots for winter where my feet feels warm, it should be UGG Australia Boots.It's warm, cozy, comfortable inside.It's just quite expensive but the quality is worth the price.One day, I will buy this kind of boots.

Sunny Saturday!

Winter season is pretending to be gone
Feels summery has just begun
I feel the heat, in my skirt-knit
sunny, sun-shiny day! what a beautiful summer like Saturday!
I will enjoy it, for God's blessing sunny weather
otherwise today, should be  wearing my jacket leather
Thank  you Lord for the sun-shiny day
I remember a month ago it was very very cold
I covered myself as many as I could
where I felt  was like a shivering lady in our couch just lying down
waiting to feel warm by my crochet blanket feeling frown
That's why, I want to enjoy the sun as much a I could! because I know in reality winter is still here
it's just around the corner
I couldnt be happier when real summer comes!
I will really soak in the sun, and run,run,run!
But for now- I will enjoy the summer-like sun
I will thank God, until this day is done,


       I have been waiting for something, i hope I can hold that job-teaching
I have been longing for so long, waiting is very long!
Losing hope is not the best answer
otherwise you'll be a loser
Praying is the best partner
Trusting God right now is not Bad!
Hoping is doing, it will lead you to where you are heading
Hard to wait,I just eat a dark chocolate
to make me smile in a while
Still, I will wait,the best is yet to come
Being a teacher should I become!