Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sunny Saturday!

Winter season is pretending to be gone
Feels summery has just begun
I feel the heat, in my skirt-knit
sunny, sun-shiny day! what a beautiful summer like Saturday!
I will enjoy it, for God's blessing sunny weather
otherwise today, should be  wearing my jacket leather
Thank  you Lord for the sun-shiny day
I remember a month ago it was very very cold
I covered myself as many as I could
where I felt  was like a shivering lady in our couch just lying down
waiting to feel warm by my crochet blanket feeling frown
That's why, I want to enjoy the sun as much a I could! because I know in reality winter is still here
it's just around the corner
I couldnt be happier when real summer comes!
I will really soak in the sun, and run,run,run!
But for now- I will enjoy the summer-like sun
I will thank God, until this day is done,

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