Wednesday, February 9, 2011

God is full of Surprises

God is full of surprises,His grace really never ceases
If a person will just learn to wait,
and trust God that He will never be late
A person will ablsolutely get God's best
not the very least
For God is on our side,He will never hide

Like now, He surprise me with the best job ever!
in fact, i thought God will say never,
yet, He is the God who is full of surprises,
now I am full of praises!
Praise God! praise God from high above!
For me He endures forever His love

That's why I have nothing to complain
for God's plan for me will never be in vain
God is the God of great purpose
If we just trust Him, we have nothing to lose
Because God is full of surprises
He is always after of our joy and happiness!!!

My Job -Interview Today!

Today is my Job interview in one of the Christian Schools in our area.Please help me pray that I can make it.God will give me wisdom to answer all questions with God's conviction and not my own.I just in-trust everything to God today and please help me pray! God bless us all!!!

I will write more later after my interview.