Monday, July 26, 2010


Driving at the Freeway, is one of my challenges here in the States, because in the Philippines where I used live I never drove any car. Here in the States, I have been driving for six years now. Since my work is not that far from my house, I rarely drive at the Freeway. Most of the time,It's my hubby who is driving whenever we go somewhere.If we go for a long drive then i can drive at the Freeway.If he needs to rest, we take turn.

Driving at the Freeway you need to follow the speed, which is the slowest is 55-65 miles/hour.You can go as fast as 70-75 speed when you are at the fast lane.Over speeding cost a lot of money when you get caught by a Police man.

Then, last Saturday, we had a camping with our close friends in Don Pedro California.It's 3 hours away from our place.Larry changed his mind not to go because there was an emergency though he followed us eventually. Then i had no choice than to drive.I never know that place, but i thought about my kid's expectation for camping with other kids and having fun with them was the thing that I was very concerned about.It should be their day, and it's their summer vacation.

So, I decided to drive using our GPS. Our friends said, if May will arrive today then, she's really brave the fact that she's driving alone with her three kids. I found out ,while driving, i had fun with God, I praise Him along the Freeway,especially when i saw a beautiful view like Hills, Farms, Fruit Stands, I enjoyed the scenic view, the serenity of my driving with God.It was the beauty of nature, and God's presence that I praise, that completey drove my fear of driving away at the Freeway.It turned out to be peaceful, and filled with praises, and gratitude.

Indeed, when i arrived, all of them were cheering at me. Inside me, I said it's not me who is brave to drive.It was God who gave me the courage to drive, and He tried to make me comfortable with His presence as I drive.Driving at the freeway, is not scary at all to me, because i found God and me enjoying each others presence.I never felt the speed, or even the big Trucks that i passed by or big trucks who passed by at me.My kids ended up happy, last weekend at the camp.