Tuesday, June 13, 2017

GOD Demands our Time with HIM

It has been months I tried to spend a quiet time with Lord. Writing my journal is one of them. Another is just simply reading his word, listening to worship songs, meditate a moment,and devotional book. Through out the time that I am doing it, I feel an empty whole inside or my day can never be complete without spending even just a little time with Him. The habit of doing it has impacted my daily routine. It has changed a lot of my life's perspective. Slowly, my daily walks has become easier, lighter. His grace is truly sufficient, powerful, to touch our hearts, mind, and soul...He gently redefine our life's journey, enhance it, in His own way to become better each day. He loves to demand our time with Him...just a short time...a quiet moment with our savior...

This just is my simple thought today...at mayseven's coffeetable.


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