Monday, February 21, 2011

Back To Winter Weather

This morning i tried to encourage my hubby to ride a bike with me or walk with our kids because it's holiday-President's Day here in the States.It was quite cold...but I put my jacket's on of course,can't go outside without a jacket when it's winter! My hubby, thought that it wasn't that cold because it's sunny too.As we bike...there you go...the wind is blowing...and it's cold! so...we just bike around the nice neiborhood houses and play at their little park.

There my kiddos took the swing, i pushed the swing, we tagged along, and eventually we went to my kids school closeby.We had fun because the play structure is bigger.Father and son challenging each other to slide faster at the structure,girls were sliding, it was a short fun morning to spend time time together as family.I love that!!!

I told my hubby, that every week if i walk or bike, i will ask him to get up and do it with goal is just simple...healthier pump up your energy level during the day, and as you walk or bike...just take a look with the nature...i love to coonect myself with nature like the sunrise, the morning mist, the breezy morning, the morning fog that disappears in between hills,watch the Magnolia tree sprouting its flowers where it means...spring season is coming! see how beautiful it simply walk outside even just for 15-45 minutes a day or every other day not just to energize but to connect with nature.Even if it's winter will get use to pressure ...take  a walk one day at a time...or ride a bike...

Winter weather is back...sometimes its hard to get up,
but i try and try for me to see God's amazing beauty in the midst of cold cold day!
I try to walk and start talking to God...what i need to be thankful for,what i need at present or I need Him to intervene my life or decide things  for me.God is the omnipotent God that can make my life more beautiful! Back to winter weather...let God fill in yourself with warmnees and comfort in the midst of cold,breezy,misty, winter weather morning.