Monday, November 15, 2010

Apple iPad MC497LL/A Tablet

Apple ipod touch 32 GB

Apple ipod touch 32 GB

The Confession : A Novel

Decision Points : George W. Bush

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Susan Boyles' New CD "THE GIFT"

$ 136.00 First Week Sale my Kids Items

Yesterday was last day of bidding of my kids first week items on bid style.My kids got $ 136.00 sale!!! well, those were from items which have quite high resale value on eBay.They were shocked and surprised of what they got because it's real to earn an income.I have never experience this when I was a child, but this tme in their generation, for me there is no limit of age when I could teach my kids or train them financially.

This week I will move on in listing their other items on ebay other aside from my owm items.By then Christmas will never be hard for me, in my pocket because the kids have saved their money.Plus they can share some donations too on christmas.

It's a great feeling when you see their income growing,the bottom line in that the concept of working hard, and the importance of saving money, and giving donations, is already planted in their minds little by little.In due time, they will completely, understand it.

Now,  they can start giving 10% of their income through tithe giving.My motive is to glorify God in their financial aspect, that everytime they get something " anything " monetary, clothes, toys, books, and more...they have this responsibility too, to give what is due to God, either giving tithes, giving donations and much more choices.....even in their husband keeps telling them, you serve God at Church by playing your music instruments.

Indeed, whatever my kids get, or myself will get...we all have responsibility tied in it...that is giving back to God what He deserves.