Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Treasure in the Cabinet

I  substitute one of our Head Teachers for a month this summer, because she was on her Sabital.One morning, as I open the Cabinets to look for book resource for my daily lesson, I saw the Daily devotional of Max Lucado.I opened it, and it brought me to this: " God will do something to get our attention, that, if we do not listen to Him or do what He tells us to do to please Him". I was captivated by the statement, because sometime our hands are too pre occupied and we tend to forget God's calling in our lives....that's when He does something to get our attention.

I then remember when my dad almost died of Syrosis 15 years ago...at that time God really had gotten my complete attention on Him because i did not want to lose my dad.I was 3rd year high School then.My brother really had this strong faith in God's miracle that drove me  to believe God's power more!

Our churchmates,friends,  had prayed hard, everyday...I was scared to lose my dad especially when the Doctor has given up!...suddenly, God made a miracle!...my dad has survived the "syrosis" which rarely people who have that would rarely survive.He did! It was a miracle in our family!!! it was one of the "miracles".

The bottom line is that...we should not let God do a certain thing in us that would hurt or break our hearts apart...just for Him to get our  "attention"(not unless if he allows it). He really caught my attention when my dad almost died...i knelt, i cried, i groened, i mourn, i was sad, was scared,humbled, i asked Him for another life for my dad...THE BEST THING WAS HE DID GAVE MY DAD ANOTHER LIFE....WHAT IF NOT? i don't know how i would react back then, well....God can get our attention in many ways.

All i  remember is that, I turned to God and God caught my attention when my dad was suffering.Until now, when God gives me a warning...i take it seriously.

So with that treausre in the cabinet its a treasure of books-books of wisdom which caught my attention and gave me some " important reminders " in life.

Indeed, not all treasure is money or gold...some TREAUSRE is just " SIMPLE WISDOM "...that will lead you to have a RICHER LIFE.