Thursday, March 9, 2017

Encouraging Myself when I am Sick

It's hard to get a flu after your kids got sick. I have fever for two days now. The fever makes me have headache, body pain,and all the muscle pains. You feel helpless, and all you do is rest, take meds, drink plenty of water, and sleep. Sometimes, because of the fever it's hard to sleep. Laying down is the best option to rest.Staying positive here... 

I thought, I skip having flu this season because winter is almost over! My daughter came home from a 5 days science trip and a day after she's home she got sick, then all of us are getting sick. I can't wait to get over this flu! It's hard to mobilize yourself when you're sick. Your body basically needs complete rest. 

Well, I hope to still have a better day today, while the sun is up! It's a beautiful weather! May we all have a great day. May we all get over with flu this season. I am simply ready for spring. 

Last, stay blessed! keep smiling and stay positive! keep your hopes up and never give whatever life's situation you are in right now. You are stronger than you think.

Have a blessed day,