Friday, February 4, 2011


Friday sunshine as I call it.The sun is beautiful this week here in the Bay Area.I try to enjoy every bit of it.I just hope and pray that other States that experience a terrible snow storm, wild blizzard, the snowtorm would end soon. I could hardly imgaine the hardship they experience daily as they try to survive from it.It really afftect their lives.Only God knows what's going on around the globe.I hope and pray Quensland Australia will be fine too from a terrible cyclone Yasi.Also Egypt will end its revolution - that the President will completely step-down for that's what the people need.May God heal our land, and all the lands here on earth.

Still Friday sunshine, praise God for the sunshine.I should enjoy it.I already miss spring and summer!I thank God for this beautiful Friday.May God bless all the land here on earth-where healing, peace, and unity, will flow, and forgiveness too.May all people will have a great weekend! Superbowl Is coming up this Sunday.Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!!! beautiful sunshine!!!I just want to enjoy the my friday sunshine!!!