Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life is Good

As a mom, of three kids everyday is busy taking care of your hubby, taking care of the kids activities like basketball, piano, and so on. I work as teacher Aide and a Basic Music Teacher and at night I am an online student finishing my Master's Degree of Education pretty soon. I always experience a hectic schedule. On the other note, life is good! Family is the one that spice up our daily routine, no matter how busy we are, even when we end up having a bad day... I try to be positive, that life is good! There is always another day of sunshine. At the end of the day, I have a choice to ponder, compose myself, relax, take a deep breath and simply thankful for whatever in stored.

Life is good, because we have an opportunity to grow each day. We have an opportunity to make our choices right. We are still breathing, our family is in tact, healthy, happy. We may just have enough in our hands but life is good! I m thankful of my job, my hubby,my kids,friends,families,my spiritual life, I am thankful in every bit of God's blessing.

Life is good, be of good courage. By grace, God can make things better every single day. He will turn our trials into strength that makes us soar high like an eagle. God intends ourselves to become warriors, in life's battle. Cheer up, God love's you! Whatever faith or life you are having right now...smile..." Life is Good."