Thursday, January 20, 2011

Visit My New Tutoring Website

Finding a full time job is quite hard nowadays. I just had a pre-interview two nights ago of one of the Preschools here in the Bay Area and the applicants were a lot!!! I remember 7 years ago when I applied for a job, I opened the door, and the Principal greet me first with her sweetest smile and said, are you looking for a job? and i said, yes. Then she said, well, here's the application, just knock on my door if you have any questions and you are welcome.I filled up the application, and a week later after the finger print clearance, i got hired. I was the only one who was there, plus the benefits of my childs tuition fee was really awesome!!!

Right now, wow! it's a high volume!!! you wait for their call, that if they will call you back, if not then, you're not hired. So, you need to apply again for another job.It's quite challenging.That's why, i open up a Tutorial Business at Home, as my back-up. Last night I was busy making the website, and praise God I was able to finish it on time.I already have one consistent child in my Tutorial class, and another two coming up hopefully next week.

Please see my Tutorial website :    This my website for my Tutorial class.