Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Good Morning Lord

Thank you Lord for today.May you guide us, lead us, nd may you give us wisdom in everything we do today.I acknowledge that i cannot do anything without you.

You are God, a powerful God, You are good, miraculous God, forgiving,full of grace and mercy,omnipotent,omnicient.

Just want to uplift my day,my family,my life with you God, my your Jesus name....amen!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Monday, November 15, 2010

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Susan Boyles' New CD "THE GIFT"

$ 136.00 First Week Sale my Kids Items

Yesterday was last day of bidding of my kids first week items on bid style.My kids got $ 136.00 sale!!! well, those were from items which have quite high resale value on eBay.They were shocked and surprised of what they got because it's real to earn an income.I have never experience this when I was a child, but this tme in their generation, for me there is no limit of age when I could teach my kids or train them financially.

This week I will move on in listing their other items on ebay other aside from my owm items.By then Christmas will never be hard for me, in my pocket because the kids have saved their money.Plus they can share some donations too on christmas.

It's a great feeling when you see their income growing,the bottom line in that the concept of working hard, and the importance of saving money, and giving donations, is already planted in their minds little by little.In due time, they will completely, understand it.

Now,  they can start giving 10% of their income through tithe giving.My motive is to glorify God in their financial aspect, that everytime they get something " anything " monetary, clothes, toys, books, and more...they have this responsibility too, to give what is due to God, either giving tithes, giving donations and much more choices.....even in their husband keeps telling them, you serve God at Church by playing your music instruments.

Indeed, whatever my kids get, or myself will get...we all have responsibility tied in it...that is giving back to God what He deserves.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My kids 1st Item sale on eBay

Nintendo Dsi is the first Item I posted in my "anykidstuff" account on eBay, solely the income goes to my kids saving box. My goal is for them to learn how to manage their own earned extra buck. This is the right age for them to be educated financially. I will see who can save more by December.

All my kids have something to sell this time.

Last night, after listing items on ebay everything went fair for me and my kids, and we had a " BLOKUS " BOARD GAME in our bedroom and we end up having fun.They also work like they help me out at home. When I cooked, they clean up the table, if I arrange stuff they clean up their own bedroom and playroom as well.

As of now, one step at a time, me and my kids have learned something, work at home, be educated financially, spending time together, we play SUNGKA, Blokus board games, they dance in bed each of them just have fun before sleep, and when they sleep I pray for each of them silently and claim God's favor in their lives, and our day is complete.

Hopefully, i would hit my goal on top of it....whatever we achieve, God is always behind our success, for without God we cannot do it.

Soon, I will be futuring the christmas boxes we prepare for our Church BHCMI.That is my kids project, every christmas.

So, life is also all about giving not just selling...though life on the hand is sailing...

Susan Boyles' New CD "THE GIFT"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Launching My KIDSTUFF store on eBay

This account, I am using it to sell my kids items just for their own earnings.I have never thought my son could get the concept of pricing the items on eBay right away.He knows how to price it.Kids here in the States are previlege to have the best toys or games at home. Though I still use a basic " sungka " games to them, litik-litik,in our our country, and board games- i love those games.

So, today is the day that I will put their items on sale.The money goes to their saving box.I have seen the importance of the kids to learn how to be financially educated, where they should know how to handle money.when recession hits America, I have seen many people suffereing financially,though for me I have known that God is my source of income but how about the others? our faith matters too.This is just one of my way of teaching my own kids how to be financially successful-my goal is to train them how to manage their money.I would say, this is very important.

Over this week they will see their first income.I will see who saves more.Best of all I will give importance to train them to give what is due to God.Share their blessings in the right way too.I am very encourage because so far, every time if I give my kids, extra buck when helping me pack and ship items on eBay, they just put it in their saving box.Most of all if we go to the Mall, normally a child ask for something, but when i say not this this time, all of them would just say " fine " the delay of gratification of what they want is already in their lifestyle.

They deserve to be taught, to be trained in pracrical life, aside from Academics.I will give updates soon.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Teaching kids to be Successful

Before I decided to move forward in my eBay sales, I read quite a lot of updated books from Best Seller Authors and you will love their writing though not all their ideas, stragetegy,principles, plan would apply to the need or plan in your own business.But there's this one major thing that I have learned a simple statement but it's a fact at some point.One author said that, Schools have taught us many things and helped us to finish our College Degree, but  teaching students  " how " to become successful in life is the thing that is lacking, which is somehow true, especially in the financial matter...a lot of people got mess up even those who earned the highest Degree.

My son's teacher is quite strict, she applies her consequences to the kids, in relation to what is going to happen to them at work when they work someday if they make a wrong choice, then your might get fired or something.Everytime there is a consequence it's always related to how you behave at work or in the society someday. It always always about working hard and earn your reward. I got it.I thought my son would not survive...yet he said, mom, don't worry I will be fine at School.Somehow, there's a good process of success.

Now, my husband has an eBay account too,which he is not using at the moment.Since my kids are already involve in my eBay business like helping me pack the items,and drop the items at the Postal Office, I decided, to teach them how to be successful in helping me.I told them that you have used toys that you never used anymore and it's have good value, I will sell  your toy in your dad's eBay account,whoever is that toy that will get sold then that's your income and put it in your saving box.

I am very encourage to do that, because I have learned that other than trusting God, giving Him what God deserves, I also believe that God will honor the labor and effort of our hands in a way that we try to be steward of his blessings in our lives.I always have back up " skills " in my hand. So  far God has never left my hand empty.Then, my children get extra buck when they help me in my eBay or a treat like ice cream or a toy as " long as they work for me ".They deserve it.So, one of my daughter is very frugal.If  I  let her choose ice cream treat or a while she told me....mmm, ice cream today for me, I will get the dollar and save it this time.Helping me on eBay is their choice of work, which fits to their age level, they pick a time...a short time to help me.If they choose something else for the day like playing then it's ok but the bottom line is that...they learn that when they work with me, they are in the real world with me teaching them basic skills in life.

Now, my second daughter got a little saving for her own.Indeed, we all decided to help them sell their things that they won't use anymore, and they will save it.My I may not know....his income somehow it will help him build his charity house  someday for homeless people whom he desire to help.My youngest daughter loves to give.....I like it when they give something back because, for me giving is always a part of life.

Finally,basic skills in survival is very important in the lives of our children.When they learn it...they will bring it with them for the rest of their lives, and it will help them find the right course in life that leads them to become successful and I will be rest assured that they will be successful because I know that I have taught them " the basic skill on how to reach the ladder of success and live independently."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

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ASK,SEEK,KNOCK-Given,Find,Open Unto You

This morning during my devotion, God led  me to the word giving.Giving sometimes is painful to do especially when the thing that you will give is the last thing you have.But with God's principle,give 'til it hurts, and always after giving there's always a release of blessing that follows and God never missed that release of His bountiful blessings in my life...not even once.

Then I'm led to the words: ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. I am thankful because that's what I need today.Meaning, sometimes or most of  the time we forgot to ask, seek, and  knock God's way of blessing us either in great health,healing,financial blessing, release from any bondages, and such.So, today, I will ask,seek, knock, God for what is due to me and my family.GOD I will ask You to release your blessings of great health, more sales in my eBay store,success in my online network, unity in my family, friends, and loveone's, I will seek your will in my life, and I will knock Your door in heaven until you release all what you got for me and my family.YES!!! I claim in Jesus name and so be it!!!


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

eBay Launching as Full Time Job!

Last month was my eBay launching as full time job and it work great! It was a very hectic schedule for me last month in my eBay Store.Checking in my eBay Specialist Status and monimtoring it until now.Thank God that all things work together for good!!! His own perfect time.It was quite a load of listing in the Collectibles Category yet the effort deserved its best performance and it's worth it to celebrate that my job is working great by God's grace!!! and in Him alone I will give the glory and honor and praises.

This month will be another great month in my eBay and hopefully, my blog writing will go with it even just every week, or twice a week. I thank God for everything.Nothing is long as we will never be idle...keep thriving instead, discover God's gift of talents, skills, that are in your  hands...eventually you will find i do.God is great!!!