Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My kids 1st Item sale on eBay

Nintendo Dsi is the first Item I posted in my "anykidstuff" account on eBay, solely the income goes to my kids saving box. My goal is for them to learn how to manage their own earned extra buck. This is the right age for them to be educated financially. I will see who can save more by December.

All my kids have something to sell this time.

Last night, after listing items on ebay everything went fair for me and my kids, and we had a " BLOKUS " BOARD GAME in our bedroom and we end up having fun.They also work like they help me out at home. When I cooked, they clean up the table, if I arrange stuff they clean up their own bedroom and playroom as well.

As of now, one step at a time, me and my kids have learned something, work at home, be educated financially, spending time together, we play SUNGKA, Blokus board games, they dance in bed each of them just have fun before sleep, and when they sleep I pray for each of them silently and claim God's favor in their lives, and our day is complete.

Hopefully, i would hit my goal on top of it....whatever we achieve, God is always behind our success, for without God we cannot do it.

Soon, I will be futuring the christmas boxes we prepare for our Church BHCMI.That is my kids project, every christmas.

So, life is also all about giving not just selling...though life on the hand is sailing...

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