Friday, January 29, 2010


This is my last chance to write in my blog. I need to be consistent, if not, i will close my blog.Anyway, I challenge myself this time. I call myself " THE RISE UP OF THE WARRIOR! " My dearest hubby and I have been trying to find many ways to save our house that we call our home. Now, we are in a stage, that only prayers, and declaration, and making your faith alive to save it.NOTE : THIS IS MY SECOND TIME CLAIMING IT. WE WERE APPROVED LAST DECEMBER, and my hubby declined the offer, it was quite much for him.The process of declaration was full of thrill, despite the need of patience while waiting for the result.SO, NOW...I WILL DO ANOTHER 30 DAY DECLARATION FOR MY HOME TO BE MODIFIED FOR THE SECOND TIME.

I remember when i was a babe christian, where I was trained to be an intercessor, and even after I got married...many things that happened unexpectedly, miraculously, by using the authority that God has given us that in His name we can claim God's heritage in our lives. Now, I will do that again.

Today, is January 30th, 2010 and today i will start claiming a miracle for our house to be modified and I claim that God will save this house for my family and for my children.Lord i claim that through You my home will be saved from foreclosure.I believe in miracle, and I have faith like a mustard seed.I am humbled by your presence and I am blest by your mercy.

This week, I opened the door of my home and let YOU in , into my household, and I remember confessing that YOU WILL BE THE FATHER AND YOU WILL BE BE THE GOD AND THE HEAD IN THIS HOUSEHOLD.I want to see Your hands moving, and I am excited to see You working.

Lastly, Father God, You know, That inside me I am a warrior and I rise up this time, to STAND IN THE GAP, and claim Your HERITAGE in our lives.

GOD's word for ME today...DANIEL 4:1-3- To the peoples, nations and men of every language, who live in all the world: MAY GOD PROSPER YOU GREATLY !
It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the most high God has performed for me.How great are His signs, how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an eternal kingdom; His dominion endures from generation to generation.

I will expect God to do something, because ever since I was born I have that faith in me already, and I believe, I only need a little mustard seed, and a courage to claim from God what He has promise among us His people. God knows that my heart is for Him, and Him alone.

I will only accept " if or no " when its over!!! but its not over, I HAVE DECIDED TO MOVE ON AND FACE THIS BATTLE, WITH FAITH THAT IS WITHIN ME.I claim my home, my family, I claim security, and unity.Lord I am doing this to share, that above all else You are our hope...and in YOU we have HOPE!!!

( To all readers, followers, and friends...follow me with my 30 day DECLARATION OF FAITH in my home that God will modify it and save it from forecosure. In doing this I am aware of my faith in Him, and i encourage my friends, and even young mom, like me who face the same situation like this.Remember, we were approved once, we declined the offer, this is my second time claiming...God has proven it to me once...and Im doing the same thing, claiming it.It's the grace of God that can save us - as well as our house that we call our home.)