Tuesday, June 13, 2017

GOD Demands our Time with HIM

It has been months I tried to spend a quiet time with Lord. Writing my journal is one of them. Another is just simply reading his word, listening to worship songs, meditate a moment,and devotional book. Through out the time that I am doing it, I feel an empty whole inside or my day can never be complete without spending even just a little time with Him. The habit of doing it has impacted my daily routine. It has changed a lot of my life's perspective. Slowly, my daily walks has become easier, lighter. His grace is truly sufficient, powerful, to touch our hearts, mind, and soul...He gently redefine our life's journey, enhance it, in His own way to become better each day. He loves to demand our time with Him...just a short time...a quiet moment with our savior...

This just is my simple thought today...at mayseven's coffeetable.


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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

God's Grace is Sufficient

I am thankful for God's sufficient grace every day. It's a grace of faith and faith is a choice. Choosing to have faith in God is an amazing experience where each day I see Him sustaining me carrying me through...regardless what my day is. God is the God of comfort, He is the God that accepts me and love me of who I am ...regardless...what my situation is in life...

And He sustains my daily needs, not to what I can do...but to things and situations that is beyond my control...He is there to show His sustaining grace...that amaze me each day. I am blessed to have a God  who is living, who uplifts my heart and soul, and gives my mind some clarity in life...when life is in doubt...

Indeed, life is with faith in my own choice because through faith...I see and experience God's grace beyond my expectation, beyond who I am, beyond what I can see, beyond what I can do, beyond what I believe in... His grace is a consistent miracle in my life!

Have a blessed day!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Encouraging Myself when I am Sick

It's hard to get a flu after your kids got sick. I have fever for two days now. The fever makes me have headache, body pain,and all the muscle pains. You feel helpless, and all you do is rest, take meds, drink plenty of water, and sleep. Sometimes, because of the fever it's hard to sleep. Laying down is the best option to rest.Staying positive here... 

I thought, I skip having flu this season because winter is almost over! My daughter came home from a 5 days science trip and a day after she's home she got sick, then all of us are getting sick. I can't wait to get over this flu! It's hard to mobilize yourself when you're sick. Your body basically needs complete rest. 

Well, I hope to still have a better day today, while the sun is up! It's a beautiful weather! May we all have a great day. May we all get over with flu this season. I am simply ready for spring. 

Last, stay blessed! keep smiling and stay positive! keep your hopes up and never give whatever life's situation you are in right now. You are stronger than you think.

Have a blessed day,

Friday, March 3, 2017

Beautiful Sunny Day

It's Friday again! It's a beautiful day here in California! It's good to have a good break from the rainy and stormy weeks. May we all have a better day today. Try to smile when you can... share the love and smile to others. The sunny day helps our day feels better. May we all enjoy our Friday as well as our weekend!

Enjoy the nature, enjoy the nice sunny weather!

Yours Truly,

Friday, February 24, 2017

Thank God It's Friday!

Friday is always one of the best days of the week! Thank God it's Friday! It's a day to relax, or go somewhere unwind after work, or just chillin' at home with chips and salsa at the same time watching a movie or news, or simply cooking food. Some maybe cleaning up the house, arranging the closet, or organizing stuff at home. This is my goal this weekend.

May we all have a blessed weekend. A life filled with hope, peace and love!

God bless,

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Little Things Matter

Little things matter … I never bought any cosmetics this Christmas. I prioritized the needs of my kids because last Christmas of 2015, my mom was so sick and all our budget went to her hospitalization. This Christmas of 2016, I said I will prioritize my kids. I don’t mind if I won’t get anything for I know they have basic needs.

In our little heart’s desire…God has seen it. Last month, I dropped my last left over of my mac face powder given to me by my friend. One day, the grandma of the child that I have been watching for 5 years ( only on weekends or holidays ), dropped off her gift to me. And so I was surprised to get Dior cosmetics, and Estee lauder. How great is that! Awesome! Little things matter to God because He loves you and me…He knows our hearts more than anybody else…more to share about this topic in the coming days...




Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Share a Smile

Share a Smile Today

It has been raining for couple of days now where some of us may feel gloomy or just need to feel a warm smile from a friend. I will share this smile to everyone! May your day be filled with smile as I share this simple smile! Sometimes, little things matter the most…Have a warm Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What Motivates your Monday?

I am happy to find simple things that motivates my Monday. It's my Bible, journal, coffee, magazine to read, my planner, and a new nail polish which I just do it myself. These little things would make my day better and brighter. So far it works!

You may share the little stuff that motivates your Monday here on my blog.

Happy New Year to all! May our year 2017 be a productive, filled with blessings!