Saturday, November 5, 2011


It's been two weeks that God is teaching me to spend a quiet time with Him and I do.It is so assuring when I hear His voice telling about His promises and word of assurance.Everyday I just feel Him renewing my strength.Quiet time gives me another opportunity to write my journal in whatever I hear from Him as I just sit or take a walk and simply His voice.

His latest word for me was: " upon this rock I will build my church". it's great when you know that you have a Rock to lean on! Just like God.

A moment of quietness could bring calmness,in the spirit and renewal of strength.It will indeed, allow us to hear God's voice more clearly.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Writing is my way of expressing who I am, what I feel, My opinion, or encouragement, hoping to inspire people in different way. It seems that my time in blogging is thwarted by other reasonable priority in life.I miss writing in my own blog...naturally on what I face at the moment either new challenges, or victory, or faith about something, or hope for the future...

Teaching makes me busy this time, I love being with kids.It's a kind of environment that I can't resist, instead...I give my time and effort into it.Especially,  now that my kids are with me at School,being inspired of working drives me more because of my kids. My own children's presence takes my tiredness away,easier to check  and communicate with them at School.Monitoring my kids performance is very convenient for me.

Yes, blogging for me is not for money making,though I get some offers, blogging is just writing about me and it uplift my spirit, it takes my breath away, after writing...making me feel better!That's why i miss my blog!...I know.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Treasure in the Cabinet

I  substitute one of our Head Teachers for a month this summer, because she was on her Sabital.One morning, as I open the Cabinets to look for book resource for my daily lesson, I saw the Daily devotional of Max Lucado.I opened it, and it brought me to this: " God will do something to get our attention, that, if we do not listen to Him or do what He tells us to do to please Him". I was captivated by the statement, because sometime our hands are too pre occupied and we tend to forget God's calling in our lives....that's when He does something to get our attention.

I then remember when my dad almost died of Syrosis 15 years that time God really had gotten my complete attention on Him because i did not want to lose my dad.I was 3rd year high School then.My brother really had this strong faith in God's miracle that drove me  to believe God's power more!

Our churchmates,friends,  had prayed hard, everyday...I was scared to lose my dad especially when the Doctor has given up!...suddenly, God made a miracle! dad has survived the "syrosis" which rarely people who have that would rarely survive.He did! It was a miracle in our family!!! it was one of the "miracles".

The bottom line is that...we should not let God do a certain thing in us that would hurt or break our hearts apart...just for Him to get our  "attention"(not unless if he allows it). He really caught my attention when my dad almost died...i knelt, i cried, i groened, i mourn, i was sad, was scared,humbled, i asked Him for another life for my dad...THE BEST THING WAS HE DID GAVE MY DAD ANOTHER LIFE....WHAT IF NOT? i don't know how i would react back then, well....God can get our attention in many ways.

All i  remember is that, I turned to God and God caught my attention when my dad was suffering.Until now, when God gives me a warning...i take it seriously.

So with that treausre in the cabinet its a treasure of books-books of wisdom which caught my attention and gave me some " important reminders " in life.

Indeed, not all treasure is money or gold...some TREAUSRE is just " SIMPLE WISDOM "...that will lead you to have a RICHER LIFE.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Praise God! It's a Sunny Day

It's sunny today yeeeey! Thank God for the sunny day! I miss the sunny day like more springy feeling, though winter cold is good too and warm blankets are there to keep me warm,but seeing a bright beautiful day is different too! It would make your day brighter and full of smile!

Walking is a great idea today.Spending breakfast with a friend is also good since it's my Spring break from work.Praise God we are paid on our one week School spring break.My birthday is coming too,I'm so excited because my hubby is here with me.

Watching the royal upcoming wedding updates is quite interesting, and I watch it everyday in the news.It would definitely be part of the world history as part the biggest and most beautiful wedding or one of the most beautiful and awaited wedding!I love watching the beauty of England even just on the day I will be there.

Well,I'm enjoying my sunny day...and more on my entrepreneurship later hoping to sell more items, and most of all be with my kids just have fun for this blessful bright sunny day!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just Awesome!!!

Life is just awesome in Christ. Life with contentment at the moment, and satisfaction, equals abundance in life is a great experience if we learn to wait for God's perfect everything that He wants to do in our lives.Right now, I am enjoying how He works in my life...I love to savour His presence in every aspect of me...and I see it through my family.

Just awesome to know Jesus...waiting for His perfecting timing, and enjoying His presence as I quite challenging yet satisfying at the end...just awesome!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's been awhile...

I remember from the time I started working,my new life and new schedule are like a whirlwind,trying to sleep early but can't, waking up earlier than I used to,spending time with kids after work,no more Facebook chatting which is one best thing I took out in my list to spend time with kids,getting busier with kids recitals and auditions,figuring out to enhance my car for my kids incoming activities for the car to last longer...that car is my gas super saver,we're in a great transition of dropping off and picking up kids and thanks to their cousins Eva and Eric,and their Aunt Ophie, who help watch them in the afternoons,and teaching them well in music lessons, as well as preparing them so well for Theatre play auditions is a big help for me, though I know my time will be consumed after work for my kids schedules but it's ok.Life with kids is awesome for me,challenging and quite very interesting.Thanks for my hubbys date with me this month it was awesome!

God has blest me this month with a new job, and I am giving my best to it.That's why I had no time to blog for almost a month to adjust my new life's journey.It's just the time.Thank God for everything!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank You God!

Thank you God,for today! It's Sunday, and thank you for for the message today from the pastor.It reminds us about the first thing that happens before the last days.It's found in the book of Matthew.It remind us about how to be prepared and not to be surprised of what will happen,because God already set His plan for us from the start up to his coming.Thank you God for comforting us that You are always there for us no matter have your own time table.

Thank for reminding us to be prepared at all times,for Anytime,You will come.Thank you for our lives.Thank you for everything!!!Bless all nations!!! Bless Japan and the rest of the world who needs help like Haiti...thank you.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Father God,You are the source of everything,you are a great God,a faithful God to all Nations.You are the only one who knows everything to what had happened in's a call of nature,we may not understand it how and why it happened that way...but You  who knows best.You have created this world and around the world this time its only you who knows whats going on...

We pray for safety,more provisions in their basic needs like food,shelter,cloting and more.Help the people  survive, believing that there are still so many people trying to survive and live.You are the God of miracle, you are the God of life, some people will see angels, and some people may even see you and heaven, as they try to breath and live!...I have seen a testimony before for some people who survived in 911 attacked...I heard them on TV...testifying what they have experienced with You.I know...numerous people are trying to live, numerous are even dead!...miracles still I believe it.There is only one God that can save the Nation of Japan and that is You.Save them,show mercy upon them,let them see light soon!

Save them from Nuclear Power plant...which is in need of repair right now,give them wisdom how to fix it, father God, show them who You are that You are the God of miracles, You are the God that can save lives, though you are also the God who takes lives(sometimes we may not get it...but its you who just knows)-yet they need comfort, and strength, endurance and perseverance.Let your angels come down from heaven in rescue.Stop the disaster God.Let it be no more...

I declare...healing, acceptance,new life, new prosperity,revival,new hope,new spirit of resilience,more blessings,restoration,in the land of :JAPAN! through your mighty name God (Jesus)...and so be I declare it!!!

God I am declaring it because there is power in our tongue as we confess and death is in the power of the this time I WILL CONFESS LIFE AND BLESSING FOR JAPAN.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Inmost Desire...

Over the course of time in my life,I couldn't see God have mistaken in my life,
He just created me perfectly,beautifully, in my mother's womb,was born  seven months premarure-yes,premature with a great purpose in life!!!

Until this time...I could hardly see God made even one mistake in my life, absolutely me, i did but, as I walked along life's journey,I have learned to accept that I make mistake because that is part of being human,that's why I need God's grace in my daily life.God can never be wrong!!!

Despite of the bumps, huggles,struggles,in life I see God's beauty in it,I see Him saving me everytime.
I never forget where I came from, and How God brought me to this's all because of God's plan and purpose in life.Yes, life may have dark side of it...but that's the reason why we need God.

When God brought light into my life, my life has completely changed,with all His unmeritted grace,
My life became peaceful, and most of all joyful.There was this peace inside of me after the thorn of flesh went off from my skin...peace that passeth understanding just took over...until now...I have been enjoying that peace,joy,grace,unconditional love, and faithfulness...that only my God can give...

My inmost to go...where God wants me to...I will not go where God is not there..........

Friday, March 4, 2011

God Uses Ordinary People

I remember there was an Old song Titled, God Uses Ordinary People, and I so loved that song
I picture myself as one of the ordinary people,with an extra ordinary job, or ministry.
God is so great to use us in many ways, it's up for us if we are willing to do it or obey it.
I guess, the doing part is the hardest thing to do.
God uses ordinary people like us.

I desire more from God this time,I desire Him to use me more in Hid Kingdom
He will never leave me, nor forsake me.People may end up breaking your heart
or hurting you,but God is absolutely not.
I found God faithful all the time.

It's my prayer, that He will use me in His own an ordinary woman
God can never be wrong,God is our assurance, our security,
God is our times of trouble.
God is there always for you.

If we are willing to be used...God is in charge with everything that we need,
He will meet all our needs,and bless us with abundant life, and he will make our lives a blessing
to others too.God uses ordinary people...I will never forget that I'm one of them...and my God
is an extra-ordinary one!!!

One of my Old Favorite Christian Songs- Father Unchanging

Oh, have been good, you have been faithful, to all generation
Oh, steadfast love,and tender mercy,has been our salvation
For by grace, we have been saved, and by your spirit, we have been lead
For by grace, we have been saved, and by your spirit we have been lead

Oh, Lord...almighty God...Father unchanging, upright and holy
Oh, have been good,you have been faithful, to al generation.

For by your grace,we have been saved,and by your spirit
we have been lead,
For by your grace,we have been saved,and by your spirit we have been lead.

Monday, February 28, 2011

In The Midst Of The Storm

In the midst of the storm life is tested,it's up to you if you have it ended,
Yes, of course it's hard to dance gracefully with it, and see things far beyond!
Like the eagles sight they see the storm far beyond what they can see,they
soar high in it,as hard as they could,the eagle knows that real life is putting yourself
beyond the storm.It takes courage, and endurance to overcome it,
or otherwise you will fall!
In the midst of the storm take courage,for God is on your side
He never leave us nor forsake us
Look at the birds in the sky they just sing, and praise Him,they are never worried
of what's store for tomorrow, for they know that today has enough for itself.
In the midst of the storm,take one step at a time, and trust the right person-God!
God and God alone! He will never leave your hands empty
He will never leave your heart broken
He will never make you cry either
Just trust in God -in the midst of the storm
He will give you wings to fly above it!
and you will see yourself like an eagle soaring high
beyond the storm-faith is what will bring you there!
Work on you faith,I mean, have little faith to rise above the storm
and you will see yourself a winner and this time stronger!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back To Winter Weather

This morning i tried to encourage my hubby to ride a bike with me or walk with our kids because it's holiday-President's Day here in the States.It was quite cold...but I put my jacket's on of course,can't go outside without a jacket when it's winter! My hubby, thought that it wasn't that cold because it's sunny too.As we bike...there you go...the wind is blowing...and it's cold! so...we just bike around the nice neiborhood houses and play at their little park.

There my kiddos took the swing, i pushed the swing, we tagged along, and eventually we went to my kids school closeby.We had fun because the play structure is bigger.Father and son challenging each other to slide faster at the structure,girls were sliding, it was a short fun morning to spend time time together as family.I love that!!!

I told my hubby, that every week if i walk or bike, i will ask him to get up and do it with goal is just simple...healthier pump up your energy level during the day, and as you walk or bike...just take a look with the nature...i love to coonect myself with nature like the sunrise, the morning mist, the breezy morning, the morning fog that disappears in between hills,watch the Magnolia tree sprouting its flowers where it means...spring season is coming! see how beautiful it simply walk outside even just for 15-45 minutes a day or every other day not just to energize but to connect with nature.Even if it's winter will get use to pressure ...take  a walk one day at a time...or ride a bike...

Winter weather is back...sometimes its hard to get up,
but i try and try for me to see God's amazing beauty in the midst of cold cold day!
I try to walk and start talking to God...what i need to be thankful for,what i need at present or I need Him to intervene my life or decide things  for me.God is the omnipotent God that can make my life more beautiful! Back to winter weather...let God fill in yourself with warmnees and comfort in the midst of cold,breezy,misty, winter weather morning.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Friendship is beautiful word to hear, that everyone loves to bare
it make you smile, it makes you cry
it makes you fly high in the sky
friendship is a good thing to nurture, cause even if you will be apart for sure
you will be friends still even in the future
some friends are there for each other ever since they're little girl or little boy
until they have grown,
some friends, they just met and became friends, then after a while it disappear
to some, friendship is too short the time, it just a moment in time
you do  things together with fun, just having fun,fun,fun!
everyday,you play around, no matter how hot is the sun , or even playing in the rain,
all you think is friendship, a friend is their to keep you warm,
to make you feel comfortable, it make you laugh
then one day...sometimes, friendship just if its gone
just gone...a friend is waiting for you to come...but the time itself is just gone... sometimes it done,
or friendship just stop...
along with your new life, new friends, you hear your friends name,
or even have a glimpse of her face, but, the time for friendship is just gone.
In God, friendship is forever...we may thought its done...or friendship is gone
but in God's own time, real friends will just the right place at the right time
because God knows that friendship is beautiful
So,take care of your friendship, stay respecful, and be polite at all times,
be kind,be good,nurture it,let it flourish like flowers, and let its scent spread aroound with good words,
have fun,enjoy, cause even when both your time is done,
you may never know in God's own time...another friendship has to come
for in God's plan - that's what you will become...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FAITH- is the thing not seen , Yet U Believe- It will come True

When I decided to go back teaching, of course I seek God's leading because I have my children to consider.At least I could find a School where I could bring my kids even just at the School " Daycare Program for free" as part of a teachers benefit, knowing that daycare is a very high price to pay for 3 kids.I prayed and prayed, and seek God even when I was tired and frustrated of seeking, yet the FAITH in me that God has implanted long long time ago when I met Jesus in my life, I know God will lead me to the right path and right place to teach.

I tried to open, i saw hundreds of hirings, but i only consider 6 Schools so far out of hundreds of listings.You will be tempted to just apply anywhere else as long as you can get a job.But for me as a mom, and have 3 kids,I try to "consider things " aside from that...I gave all my time to my kids for ten years now (my eldest son), and my youngest is 5 year old...the time that i have invested upon them, the emotional upbringing,and emotional security that i have  nurtured in them,the love, and my "all the time presence for them "  is worth it for me to look for the best teaching place where my kids will be part of my benefit.

There are numerous Schools to apply,but the benefits for my own children is rarely a teacher can find.So, waiting for the best one is hard and the applying of " faith" inside you is also hard because you are putting your faith to a certain thing and situation where you have not seen the " outcome " yet. But sowing a tiny faith like a mustard seed with prayers and trust in God is worth doing for!!!

After months of searching and waiting...Faith-in getting the best place to teach is what i got after all!!!
Indeed,it came true at the right time, right place, the best part is I can bring my kids with me soon!

Therefore,working is not just about, work itself, it's not just a good benefit for myself ,but it's all about my family and my kids too.My life in teaching should involve with my kids as well.They are the ones that bring out the best in me.Aside from that, it give your spouse the ease of transition when kids are with you ,considering the drop off and pick up of kids,i have 3 kids to consider at all times, and no.1 is my husband to give him quite comfort in his daily routine,knowing that I am the one who at all times bring the kids and pick up the kids from school.

Jobs are anywhere,but if you put your family as part of your life while working,then i believe, for me I need to look for a job that will fit best to my family's need.I believe all mothers are like that.they always consider their children and spouse first, right? >>>FAITH-is the thing not seen, yet You believe-It will come true!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air! I remember when I was 16, Love, love, love, was there
I got cards and roses, some were known, some were anonymous,
maybe the guy was afraid to show that love in the air
Valentine's day is always a love day, yet, when i was 16,I wasn't available for love!
it's all love for friends, family, but for intimate relationship
there might be, but i chose to have none
Have I hurt anyone?
In perfect season one man had a guts and boldness to put me at the pedestal
at that time,love,love love was in the air!
I was very young,vibrant, full of vigor and vim, fresh graduate when I met my man
yet I was mature to love him,and commit my love to him
love,love,love was in the air
He married  me eventually, for a short period of courtship
now we have a lifetime partnership
Today, it's valentines day,love love love is in the air!
It takes two to tango, as we express our love too.
now this vanlentines day we're dancin' our love in tango, how about you?
Let love fly in the air today with the woman or man you  love and let lose your feelings
and let it dance, and both you should dance with that love that is intended to be truely enjoyed
this valentines day!give her roses,cards,kisses,chocolates,letter, or shoes, and drink wine,eat straberries, and don't be afraid to let that love smoothly bring you in the air
and dance together!
and be happy

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday! - Yaaaay! Morning Glory!

The sun is shining bright as I lift my eyes in the sky
I see a morning glory! it feels so heavenly
as I walked and walked around the soccer field,
I saw this amazing morning mist disappeared
The white sky turned to blue,as the foggy hills was shadowed by the morning sun
The sun rises that fast, it helped me get energized
what a morning glory

Buy - Love at First Flight

Many of us love to travel, This book Book might be one of a good love stories you can read while flying in the plane, or maybe riding in a Train, or a gift for Valentines day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beautiful Morning!

I was walking 30 minutes at a soccer field,the beauty of God's nature is awesomely filled.
With God's glory, enough to give me a beautiful day
Beautiful morning,  it invites you to thank God of His goodness
 you will see His kindness.
In your life,He is faithful, to make your daily life beautiful
God is true, He will never be untrue to you
If you will just try to see the glimpse of morning glory
You will really appreciate God's beauty
He just want you to have a beautiful morning glory!

So,  give Him a try in your morning walk
or while you're driving in the morning for work
see the sunrise, or see the snow,nobody knows  how to create that snow
except God, no one can create a morning sun
our day has just begun
Beautiful Morning God has created
It's up to us to  give a shot of glimpse and see His true beauty
When we see it, our day would just be as beauiful
like the lily of the valley.
Beautiful morning!
it makes my heart sing!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

God is full of Surprises

God is full of surprises,His grace really never ceases
If a person will just learn to wait,
and trust God that He will never be late
A person will ablsolutely get God's best
not the very least
For God is on our side,He will never hide

Like now, He surprise me with the best job ever!
in fact, i thought God will say never,
yet, He is the God who is full of surprises,
now I am full of praises!
Praise God! praise God from high above!
For me He endures forever His love

That's why I have nothing to complain
for God's plan for me will never be in vain
God is the God of great purpose
If we just trust Him, we have nothing to lose
Because God is full of surprises
He is always after of our joy and happiness!!!

My Job -Interview Today!

Today is my Job interview in one of the Christian Schools in our area.Please help me pray that I can make it.God will give me wisdom to answer all questions with God's conviction and not my own.I just in-trust everything to God today and please help me pray! God bless us all!!!

I will write more later after my interview.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Hope - is Working Right!

This morning, when I was sitting in our couch and looking at the trees outside waving, dancing, in the breezey wind I found peace that passeth understanding.God just comforts me, and told to me rest everything in His hands.There was an assurance, there was hope that I felt inside of me.I just continue praising Him, thanking Him for the day, and just trusting Him everything that He should be done for me.I felt myelf uplifted and the peace and assurance, I couldn't describe.

Then, something  great happened today. I mentioned couple of days ago, I have been hoping for this job to get.Full time job is hard to find, I have been subbinng for a year now.The School that I applied for a job is still a sub- position, though there is an assurance for full time teaching position by summer or fall.Then early this afternoon, the Director called me and said that they will need a part-time job (30 hrs each), I maybe interested instead of just a substitute.So, I said, " that's a blessing!!!". After that, she set an interview tomorrow in the afternoon.

Still, my hope is in the Lord.The best thing is, with this job application, as i go through the process, I have never push myself too hard, instead, God just move His hands in the situition, and touch their hearts for me. Hearing from them today, is a great progress!!!

Indeed, my hope-is working right!!! I will keep moving with God's I thank Him today!!!Thank you Lord!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Everyday,I have been waiting for the right job to come my way,
This morning at Church God made a way,
to make me be encouraged today.
He has given me more hope,
for He knows, I have a hard time to cope
for it's hard to find a job,
volumes of people are looking for one,
lots of them end up having none.

Great that God gave me hope for tomorrow
My heart should not be in sorrow,
God comes in perfect time,
I will just sing praises to Him with a sound of a chime,
My hope for tomorrow, is in God's hand
I know he controls my life on this land
He just want a job with  purpose
So I will be of great use

I want  a Purpose driven life
because I want to be a blessing as a woman, a mother, and a wife,
That is my ultimate goal,
for that is deep longing of my soul,
So, I'm hopeful for tomorrow, not acting like weird
because I know I should be happy and be content like a bird!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I read once, about a dermatologist expert, whom he wrote one of his recommendations for skin care, though at that time I already have used this kind of product.It's called ROC RETINOL correction Deep Wrinkle Night Cream Tube.I have been using this for 3 years now.It really work in my face really good.I use it day and Night.You should try. There's a peeling off effect but it's not noticeable. Try it, this may work on you.

Valentine Gift- Sterling S. Marcasite & Garnet colored Glass Heart Pendant

This neclace for me is a romantic one for Valentine's day gift.The glass colored heart pendant looks lovely and attractive too. The price is practical.It's not that expensive.I just love it!!!

Mac Russian Red Lipstick-My Red Collection Lipstick

This is one of my best Matt red color lipstick collection from Mac.It last longer even last throughout the day. try it, and you will love it!!!


Last month my hubby asked me if I still have perfume available for myself. I said, i only have body mist spray due to my migraine.Body mist is quite lighter in smell.But my hubby brought me seriously to the Mall at Macy's.It was really him who picked the right perfume.So,he picked MIRACLE perfume by Lancome.Indeed, it really smell awesome, captivating and alluring!!! this is one of Lancome's best selling perfumes.

Jungle Red Set

I love to wear red! I just love it! For me It just matches in any color of my attire for the day, from head to foot.I have a red bag, red wallet, red lipstick, red nail polish. lovely and attractive.The best thing with red  lipstick is that, it looks great even if you don't put blush or any make up on.So, now I found this Jungle Red set of nail polish, lip liner, and lipstick for NARS!!!

Bose Headphones

Bose Headphone is my hubby's desire to have in front of his computer.This Bose is just soothing, quiet, different from all other headphones.One day last year it was December we went to Valley Fair just window shopping,looking for numerous people shopping for christmas gifts.My hubby loved to go to Bose store and just listening to music and trying the headphones on.It's really great to have one.This should be my birthday gift for him on his 50th birthday.


If I were to choose the best comfortable Boots for winter where my feet feels warm, it should be UGG Australia Boots.It's warm, cozy, comfortable inside.It's just quite expensive but the quality is worth the price.One day, I will buy this kind of boots.

Sunny Saturday!

Winter season is pretending to be gone
Feels summery has just begun
I feel the heat, in my skirt-knit
sunny, sun-shiny day! what a beautiful summer like Saturday!
I will enjoy it, for God's blessing sunny weather
otherwise today, should be  wearing my jacket leather
Thank  you Lord for the sun-shiny day
I remember a month ago it was very very cold
I covered myself as many as I could
where I felt  was like a shivering lady in our couch just lying down
waiting to feel warm by my crochet blanket feeling frown
That's why, I want to enjoy the sun as much a I could! because I know in reality winter is still here
it's just around the corner
I couldnt be happier when real summer comes!
I will really soak in the sun, and run,run,run!
But for now- I will enjoy the summer-like sun
I will thank God, until this day is done,


       I have been waiting for something, i hope I can hold that job-teaching
I have been longing for so long, waiting is very long!
Losing hope is not the best answer
otherwise you'll be a loser
Praying is the best partner
Trusting God right now is not Bad!
Hoping is doing, it will lead you to where you are heading
Hard to wait,I just eat a dark chocolate
to make me smile in a while
Still, I will wait,the best is yet to come
Being a teacher should I become!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Friday sunshine as I call it.The sun is beautiful this week here in the Bay Area.I try to enjoy every bit of it.I just hope and pray that other States that experience a terrible snow storm, wild blizzard, the snowtorm would end soon. I could hardly imgaine the hardship they experience daily as they try to survive from it.It really afftect their lives.Only God knows what's going on around the globe.I hope and pray Quensland Australia will be fine too from a terrible cyclone Yasi.Also Egypt will end its revolution - that the President will completely step-down for that's what the people need.May God heal our land, and all the lands here on earth.

Still Friday sunshine, praise God for the sunshine.I should enjoy it.I already miss spring and summer!I thank God for this beautiful Friday.May God bless all the land here on earth-where healing, peace, and unity, will flow, and forgiveness too.May all people will have a great weekend! Superbowl Is coming up this Sunday.Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!!! beautiful sunshine!!!I just want to enjoy the my friday sunshine!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Life is great for me,even the future yet I haven't see
As young as I am, lots of things I have tried to be done
I tried, and tried to learn and explore new things,I also failed in many things
I also have success by God's grace even through a hard  maze

In faliures REGRET NOT! it's there you will learn a lot!
JUST NEVER GIVE UP! One day it's your failure will LIFT YOU UP!
the end is not yet so near, you will still go so far,
by then I would hardly see your from a far
you maybe hard to reach, but when your PERFECT TIME WOULD  COME,
YOUR SUCCESS from failure will bring you
to what you will BECOME!

So, REGRET NOT my friend, from failure you would learn,
a learnin' that's hard to earn
where it can't be bought by money
yet if you turn it to success
you will be envied by many
Therefore, NEVER fear to make mistakes or even fail in life
as a mother, a woman, and  a wife.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I walked 30 minutes today, a walked to pray
and pray to God and confess that life is not bad
I praise and praise Him for what He does
thanking Him for knowing
that God can do anything
For this full time job-lookin' at job Hub,
since it's hard to find, I just trust it in God's mind-
for I know God will never leave me behind.
Until now I have been waiting for God's favor
because I know in this lost road, He's the light of the Harbor

One day I will get that full time job,in God's own Job-Hub
So, I never lose faith and hope,
because MIRACLE is not a myth it is REAL,
more than so-real!
Let God heal your pain, don't take too much aspirin
Your faith  and hope will never be in vain.
God hears,for He cares,
He wants to wipe your tears away
He's just a prayer away
for God is on your side

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Visit My New Tutoring Website

Finding a full time job is quite hard nowadays. I just had a pre-interview two nights ago of one of the Preschools here in the Bay Area and the applicants were a lot!!! I remember 7 years ago when I applied for a job, I opened the door, and the Principal greet me first with her sweetest smile and said, are you looking for a job? and i said, yes. Then she said, well, here's the application, just knock on my door if you have any questions and you are welcome.I filled up the application, and a week later after the finger print clearance, i got hired. I was the only one who was there, plus the benefits of my childs tuition fee was really awesome!!!

Right now, wow! it's a high volume!!! you wait for their call, that if they will call you back, if not then, you're not hired. So, you need to apply again for another job.It's quite challenging.That's why, i open up a Tutorial Business at Home, as my back-up. Last night I was busy making the website, and praise God I was able to finish it on time.I already have one consistent child in my Tutorial class, and another two coming up hopefully next week.

Please see my Tutorial website :    This my website for my Tutorial class.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I Dream A Dream - Susan Boyle

I remember 10 years ago, I had a voice lesson, for a year and it was worth the try.I learned, It adds more talent on my part-thank God!  One of the songs that i sung was, I Dream a Dream, until now that song really lingers in my ears, my heart, and I wish I could sing that song again. My voice lesson coach is really good.Thanks to Bernard Mabao, who patiently,trained my voice to sing the right way.If not because of him...I couldn't sing better this time.So, try this CD from Susan Boyles' " I Dream A Dream.

Praying While Walking

This morning at the Soccer Field in my child's School, I made sure to thank God and pray to Him, and tell Him  the things that I long to say, either about myself, my kids, my hubby,my home, my job, my exam, everything that i could remember i tried to open it up to God. I know He's the source of all provisions, and solution of all our burdens, and He's all the reason of all our victories in life too.

I was happy to see quite detail of the trees where leaves are already dead and about to fall, some are colored brown, some are yellow still.The sun, was shining but not enough to brighten the 8:30am.where there are some days that at this time, sunshine has reach its race farther towards the ends of the Hills, and reflecting the glass windows. It's a beautiful morning.

Each day the beauty of nature is different, unique.Only God can create its uniqueness of that is beyond description.

Indeed, praying while walking was worth it, because i poured out my feelings to God without hesitation and doubt.Rest assured God heard my outpouring and He feels me.

God bless me, God bless you in my coffee table today!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunrise looks Amazing this Morning

This morning I am very pump up to walk because the sun starts to shine when i opened my door! It was so fresh outside, and the sun encouraged me to go walking.I couldn't wait until I was done dropping my kids at School.While walking, wow! the sun is amazing!!! its race,shadows,sunlit that starts to drive the morning fog away, is so beautiful! what a nature!

I am thankful that I am back on track in thanking God for the day by walking in the morning and just see the glimpse of His nature, and just thank Him for everything, even for the un-answered prayers, even for the things that are not going right in my own sight but in Him He knows everything, He has a purpose why he allows things to happen at the moment.Yes, I thank Him for today.God is great!THE SUN IS BEAUTIFUL AND GOD CREATED ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IN ITS TIME.

His favor endures forever!thank you Lord.Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!

Reading using Kindle Wireless is quite good

Kindle wireless Reading Device,Wi-Fi,Graphite,6" Display is quite good for those who love to read. It's handy,light, practical, sleek, and flexible, easy to use, accessible right away when you need it.This should be good in my CSET review? haha.

Try this Kindle!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have been waiting for the sun to shine today,unfortunately it never did.It is very cloudy, however, I am happy that I had a 30 minute walk today.My legs are hurting me, but it's ok, because i feel energize after my walk.I thank God again fo another day, even it's too cold.

I prayed for the Tucson Massacre and the Inland Tsunami in Queensland Australia.May God comfort the families who have lost their lives, and complete recovery for the lady who was shot in the head.I also pray that the massive flood will stop in Queensland Australia.Lord be in contol of everything.Be gracious to those who are victims, and to those who experience tragic calamities, and justice for the Tucson Massacre.

I also, claim comfort to the Erezo family, goodbye to Ate Alma- you're one of a kind servant of God.You are a great example to us, to me.Thank you for the moment we spent together while learning God's word with you...I am reviving that moment Ate Alma, and I like it...I read more of God's word.Your life really is amazing.The influenced you left me before, has given me another chance in my christian life to renew my commitment with the Lord, especially in knowing His word and live with it in simplicity, content, and satisfaction, at the same time, giving all what we have for God's kingdom and for the Lord alone, because, living in God's will and purpose, is our greatest calling here on earth.WE ONLY LIVE ONES.

Today,God has taught me a lot about HIM. It's very humbling, but encouraging and I am well inspired to move on in seeking God more in my life, with my family.GOD IS GOOD.


Cloudy Today

This morning while walking in my kids School Playground, there was no more frosty ice,but it's cloudy.There's no sunlight yet, until now, it's 9:00 am. already.It's not as cold as yesterday though.I will move on with my review  for CSET exam.

Here, I will thank God again for another day.God is good, He is faithful and true to His word.Until then.God bless me.God bless us all!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Frost Morning

This morning, I was walking in my son's School,it was below freezing.Rooftops has frost, as well as car windows, grass, and foggy too. Good that after an hour the sun started to shine.I have never thought I could take a 30 minute walk in below freezing temperature.

I was just thanking God for everything that He has done in my life.I just walk to Thank God. I loved watching the sunlight as it melted all those white frosted glimmering ice.It was cold, but God made me feel warm.

It was a worth it walk today. I don't need to lose weight this time, I just walk to start my day right before doing my review...and it's good to thank God for its beautiful nature like the foggy hills, frosted rooftops, shadows of the sun...really beautiful!

Thank you God for today.

Fun Games for Learning Math

If you have no right foundation in Math especially the basic concept, it's hard to understand math at all.What I do, every time I teach my son in his Math subject, I try to get the concept, and understand it in order for me to find a way to explain it to my son with Method in it and proper strategy so that he will understand ,somehow, not in a hard way.

This time, we have many ways to let the child learn Math with fun! kids love to learn with fun.So here's a book that will impart and teach you how to incorporate a fun learning Math strategy to a child learning.Click Here!

Need Fast Way to Study?

There are many ways to ease the time of studying, at the same studying with speed.Now that I am reviewing for CSET may this can help me. If you' re interested you may click here.
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Philips Norelco 7310XL Men's Shaving System

 If there's one thing that I always see in my hubby's face is that if he was able to shave. I just like it when he's able to shave even one's a week.One day, I will love to give this " Philips Norelco " Men's Shaving sytem.It's easy to use.It won't hurt the skin while shaving. Try it.


all day, today I just read.My eyes are so tired already.Though It's worth it.But I like to sleep now.I think I need to listen some songs nice one like Susan Boyles' song: THE GIFT.This is number 1 song.Well, try it to listen to it.So far, this CD is the best this year.

Maybe,watch movie? Sherlock Holmes, was so internaining.Full of humor.Maybe just read this book.


It's been days, I have been reviewing my CSET exam for this coming March of 2011.History is quite hard for me this time.It's been a decade i haven't been doing reading about this.All of a sudden, I decided to take it.College Degree here in the States is so much expensive, that's why I decided to be taking it.

Well, I hope i can make it. Words are interesting to read to though.I feel like a student again.A challenging one but, a relief when I pass the test.I am faithfully praying to really get it.I need to do my part too.

God is good. God is faithful as well.I know He will be there for me.God bless me on my review.