Monday, January 10, 2011

Frost Morning

This morning, I was walking in my son's School,it was below freezing.Rooftops has frost, as well as car windows, grass, and foggy too. Good that after an hour the sun started to shine.I have never thought I could take a 30 minute walk in below freezing temperature.

I was just thanking God for everything that He has done in my life.I just walk to Thank God. I loved watching the sunlight as it melted all those white frosted glimmering ice.It was cold, but God made me feel warm.

It was a worth it walk today. I don't need to lose weight this time, I just walk to start my day right before doing my review...and it's good to thank God for its beautiful nature like the foggy hills, frosted rooftops, shadows of the sun...really beautiful!

Thank you God for today.

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