Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Simply Thankful

I have been here in the States for awhile now with my family. I have matured in many areas of my life especially in raising my kids here since they were born. It's a great opportunity and a blessing to live here in the States. Life may not be easy but by God's grace we survive each day with God's help and blessing.I cannot figure my life without Him guiding me through each situation in life. I am a happy person, always motivate myself to smile despite any circumstance in life. 

Through the years, I am simply thankful and for me it's good to be grateful either sad, small or big blessings. I am thankful for not an easy life because it has given me an opportunity to discover and explore deeper the purpose of why we live here on earth. Simple thoughts or encouragement to others makes me smile. Letting someone know you care would uplift their spirit.

I am happy that I have a little time to blog and simply put a smile to someone's face today. For the life I have...I am simply thankful!