Monday, February 28, 2011

In The Midst Of The Storm

In the midst of the storm life is tested,it's up to you if you have it ended,
Yes, of course it's hard to dance gracefully with it, and see things far beyond!
Like the eagles sight they see the storm far beyond what they can see,they
soar high in it,as hard as they could,the eagle knows that real life is putting yourself
beyond the storm.It takes courage, and endurance to overcome it,
or otherwise you will fall!
In the midst of the storm take courage,for God is on your side
He never leave us nor forsake us
Look at the birds in the sky they just sing, and praise Him,they are never worried
of what's store for tomorrow, for they know that today has enough for itself.
In the midst of the storm,take one step at a time, and trust the right person-God!
God and God alone! He will never leave your hands empty
He will never leave your heart broken
He will never make you cry either
Just trust in God -in the midst of the storm
He will give you wings to fly above it!
and you will see yourself like an eagle soaring high
beyond the storm-faith is what will bring you there!
Work on you faith,I mean, have little faith to rise above the storm
and you will see yourself a winner and this time stronger!!!

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